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Friday, July 13, 2007

Some NYC Bits

Muggy. I spent Wednesday afternoon walking around Union Square. I love all the flower stands on the street corners. I found the Strand, and once again was disappointed. The Strand sucks. Well, its poetry selection does. And the shelves are way too tall for browsing. I met Diana M. Delgado for lunch. We ate at this Thai place. My food was drowned in a good yellow sauce so I didn't really enjoy the food. The ice lemon tea was nice. Afterwards, we got a coffee and strolled around a bit. We entered a stationary store, and we were followed around by one of the store workers. Foul. We left and found a great wedge-shaped garden. We sat down and talked. Diana confessed her love for Tony Robinson. JK! I confessed my love Tony Robinson and Jordan Davis. After the park we headed off to Diana' apartment near Columbia. Her space is fab. I would love to live there. Then we met up with Rigoberto for dinner.
Last night I went to a black box theatre performance. The lead actor was hot. He looked a little like Anderson Cooper.
I ate at China Fun. I liked it!
Yesterday, I went to Mercer Books and I did find some books there to buy. But Housing Works was another let down. Their poetry selection is poor as an MFA graduate student. I saw Aaron McCollough's latest book on sale there. But eight bucks was way too much to spend on his poetry.
We spent about an hour chasing down Gotham Books only to discover that it was closed. I'd totally forgotten it closed down!
In the late afternoon we went to Rockefeller Center and watched the hot businessmen walk by. Hotness! We stayed there for two hours. Sad queen time.


Collin said...

Don't forget to go to Strand bookstore.

Peter said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I am so envious.

And I hear you ran into Aaron!

Daniel Nester said...

You're making me miss NY!