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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post Hall Farm Bits

Did I just spend 30 days in Vermont? Yes, I did. I have the bug bites as proof of my time there.
Attention: Collin Kelley is one DIRTY poet.
Jackson Martin was in residence with me at HF. Very nice man. I kept calling him Andrew Jackson.
I never went swimming in the pond. All the filth on the pond surface grossed me out: dragonfly wings, dead tadpoles, pollen, and these icky elongated insect egg sacks that looked like ribbons of semen floating on the water. Yuck.
I had a great time in Boston last Saturday. I walked around Harvard Square a bit. Ate at some famous hamburger spot next to the Harvard Bookstore. Bought a few titles at bookstores.

Native Guard
Halloween here I come!
Michael Fauver, a young writer, still an undergraduate, is blogging about his month at Yaddo. Check out his great writing space.


Collin said...

That's how I roll.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Thanks for the postcard, EC!