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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NYC Highlights

Spending a week with the grumpy but lovable Rigoberto Gonzalez.
Dinner with Manuel Munoz. Doesn't he look handsome in the photograph? His bottom part looks just as good. Nasty!
Spending hours at Central Park. And not at the Rambles. Thank you very much.
The amazing brie/ turkey/ honey/ mustard sandwhich Rigoberto bought from a Lincoln Center cafe.
Running into Aaron Smith at St. Mark's Bookstore. I was on the phone, and from the corner of my eye, I spied a poet-looking type. You know the look: stubble, black-rimmed glasses, peg leg. I asked this character: Are you the famous Aaron Smith? He said yes. I said: Will you autograph my crotch. Needless to say, Aaron Smith ran out of the bookstore.
Finding out that Miguel Murphy's book will have a freaking amazing book cover. The cover is a Julio Galan painting. I'm so jealous.
Walking around the Village by myself.
Having brunch with Matthew Thorburn on Sunday at Edgar's Cafe. Matthew is a very sweet man. Too sweet for the poetry business. He didn't say a bad word about anyone. But I did.
Spotting John Waters at Penn Station.


anything but poetry said...

I ran because when I got ready to sign Eduardo's crotch, I discovered he was wearing Ted Kooser Underoos...

Matthew Thorburn said...

He is grumpy but loveable!

Thanks, Eduardo.

Fish said...

Hola Eduardo

This is Fish Vargas, the founder of Acentos Bronx Poetry. Could you call me asap please


Fish Vargas