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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interview: Ashley Capps

I fucking love this interview. Some of my favorite snippets:

"I remember coming home from class and seeing the box on the porch and feeling nauseous and full of dread. I took my dog for a walk, rented a marathon of Sex and the City, and distracted myself for the rest of the night with a bottle of wine and a whole lotta Sarah Jessica Parker. I didn't open the box for a whole day. It just felt bad. I think I'd always sort of felt like I was just fooling everybody else into thinking I was a poet--that really if they knew how hard it was for me to come up with just one interesting line in eight straight hours of typing and staring at a screen, then they'd know I wasn't really a natural.."

"Well, I've gotten better looking."

"But when I answered the phone one day and heard this kind, dear voice say, "Hello Ashley, it's Jerry Stern"--I thought I'd choke."

"Self-promotion is really hard for me. It gives me existential dread. That said, put a couple drinks in me and I can fake my way through a reading pretty good. It's the organizing and setting up of that kind of stuff that makes me feel like the used car salesman of my soul."

"Well here's the thing: personally, I wanted to win the Yale Prize or the Walt Whitman. Ha! I wanted to be a "famous" young poet. That sounds gross saying it..."

Ashley, I know you will find this post because you self-Google like crazy. Don't we all? I bought your book in NYC earlier this month. And let me say this: you are a wonderful poet, a natural talent.

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Leslie said...

These snippits made me laugh. I adore her book. And if Gerald Stern ever called me and said it was Jerry Stern, I'd say, "I'm sorry, Who?"