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Monday, July 30, 2007

Yaddo Bit (Favorite New Quote)

I had always been aware that the Universe is sad; everything in it, animate or inanimate, the wild creatures, the stones, the stars, was enveloped in the great sadness, pervaded by it. Existence had no use. It was without end or reason. The most beautiful thing in it, a flower or a song, as well as the most compelling, a desire or a thought, were pointless. So great a sorrow...Never then or now have I been able to look at the cloudless sky at night and see beauty there...

Hayden Carruth

Tagged (Yaddo Bits)

Both Ron and Tayari tagged me with that "reveal 8 things that people don't know about you" meme. Listen, I'm at residency! I don't have time to reveal 8 new things about myself. But I will write down the 8 dumbest/ silliest things I've revealed or said online.

Oh boy.

1. I have a Republican fetish. Old white powerful men turn me on like crazy. I want to be his Monica, and I wouldn't kick him out of bed.
2. I once wrote a poem and posted it on my blog after making out with some stranger in Illinois. Remember that, readers? Here's the crazy thing: a lot of folks loved the lines I posted. And that response convinced me to work on the poem, and now that poem is one of my favorites.
3. I once subscribed to a gay XXX web site during the Christmas season. Hey, I was spending Xmas alone that year, and I needed something to do.
4. I'm never getting another residency after this post.
5. I once mistook Josh Corey for Pumpkinhead. My bad. I was drunk that day. Josh is a cute, smart man. He's nothing like Pumpkinhead.
6. I once wrote on someone's blog that I was wearing black boxers that day because my gentials were in mourning. WTF??
7. I keep harping about my undying love for a-ha.
8. I believe in Santa.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interview: Ashley Capps

I fucking love this interview. Some of my favorite snippets:

"I remember coming home from class and seeing the box on the porch and feeling nauseous and full of dread. I took my dog for a walk, rented a marathon of Sex and the City, and distracted myself for the rest of the night with a bottle of wine and a whole lotta Sarah Jessica Parker. I didn't open the box for a whole day. It just felt bad. I think I'd always sort of felt like I was just fooling everybody else into thinking I was a poet--that really if they knew how hard it was for me to come up with just one interesting line in eight straight hours of typing and staring at a screen, then they'd know I wasn't really a natural.."

"Well, I've gotten better looking."

"But when I answered the phone one day and heard this kind, dear voice say, "Hello Ashley, it's Jerry Stern"--I thought I'd choke."

"Self-promotion is really hard for me. It gives me existential dread. That said, put a couple drinks in me and I can fake my way through a reading pretty good. It's the organizing and setting up of that kind of stuff that makes me feel like the used car salesman of my soul."

"Well here's the thing: personally, I wanted to win the Yale Prize or the Walt Whitman. Ha! I wanted to be a "famous" young poet. That sounds gross saying it..."

Ashley, I know you will find this post because you self-Google like crazy. Don't we all? I bought your book in NYC earlier this month. And let me say this: you are a wonderful poet, a natural talent.

Yaddo Bit

Some Yaddo residents are reading my blog. They told me. Can't a poet find any privacy online?
Today a group of us went out to dinner. To some BBQ joint. The chicken and ribs were okay, but the side dishes sucked.
Last night I drank too much. And I did something silly: I confessed to having a crush on one of the straight men here. Sigh.
It's the end of the month so a lot of people are leaving soon.
Confession: there's one person at Yaddo that I don't like at all.

Unfair Bit

She has a poem up at Verse Daily and is married to a baseball stud. Not fair.

Emmy's Kick-Ass Post

In the past year or so, I’ve experienced and witnessed sexist behavior by a handful of Chicano men, a couple of them writers...

three candles first book prize

Three Candles Press is pleased to announce the second Three Candles Press First Book Award for a best first book of poems. This contest will be judged by Peter Pereira, whose books include The Lost Twin, Saying the World, and What's Written on the Body.

Award: Winner receives $500.00 and 25 copies of the winning book. Deadline Oct. 15th (post-mark date). The winner will be notified at the end of December. The book will be available on the three candles website, through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and at fine booksellers nationwide. The winner will receive a standard royalty contract.

Guidelines: Manuscripts of 60 - 95 pages should have one cover page containing the poet's name, address, phone number, email address and title of manuscript, and another with only the name of the manuscript. Please include only one acknowledgements page.

RealPoetik Blog Contest

How about a Contest, boys and girls?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yaddo Bits

Just came back from a wonderful reading by JT Rogers, a playwright. His play The Overwhelming will start its NYC run in September. I'm planning on catching it this fall. Here's a
review of the London run.
I was supposed to go to the horse races today, but I got the meeting time wrong, and the others left without me. A hex on them!
Someone emailed me to ask how I got into Yaddo. My response: I applied, you bitch.
Dan Welcher is the cutest guy at Yaddo right now. I like snow-capped mountains.
This guy is also named Eduardo Corral. No comment.
Here's another review of The Overwhelming.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yaddo Bits

I've been crying. Last night I cried for about twenty minutes. And today, after dinner, I went straight to my room and cried. No, no: I'm not depressed or sad. I've been thinking about the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Whenever I allow myself to concentrate on his work I become an emotional wreck. I've always wanted to write a poem informed by one of his pieces, but each attempt I've made has been a mess: too obvious or too sentimental.

But this evening as I was reading Jean Valentine I came across two lines that floored me.

breath and breath
two horses

I immediately thought of this Gonzalez-Torres piece, and then I heard myself softly mutter some lines and images. I dashed to my desk, and wrote down what I'd said. I looked at the lines. I cut out one line, and I edited another. I put down my notebook and walked away. I dare say that I wrote a poem tonight.

Thank you, Jean Valentine. Thank you, Felix

I love walking down to Saratoga Springs. I especially enjoy walking past the horse stables. Racing season starts on Wednesday, and there's a lot of Mexican/ Central American men working in the stables. I love to catch glimpses of them working. Today a short man wearing a Gloria Trevi t-shirt was forking hay onto the flatbed of a truck. I never stop and gawk at them. I understand they're working hard, and I'm on my way downtown to sip an iced coffee, or to buy more books. I understand. I do. I'm working in a different way. I'm working to write poems that their children will one day read and study in high schools and colleges. Poems that will say to them: your parents haven't been forgotten, their stories have been written down, the fire-language that came out of their mouths still burns and illuminates.
And no: I'm not spending all my time at Yaddo crying. I called Rigoberto tonight and he had me laughing soon enough.
Right now I'm thinking of my father's hands.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yaddo Bit

Pet peeve: straight women who assume gay men will provide instant entertainment or solace.

Great News: Manuel Munoz

The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue, M.M.'s second book of stories, has been shortlisted for the 2007 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Prize.

Way to go, Manuel!

UPDATE: Here's an article from The Guardian.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yaddo Bit: Boggle

I suck at Big Boggle.

Big time.

I've played the past few nights.

My highest score?

Five points.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Yaddo Pic

Me, Rosa Alcala, James Hannaham, Cathy Bowman, Suki Kim

Boxcar Poetry Review

The latest installment of Boxcar Poetry Review is up. It features a wonderful interview of Camille Dungy by Sean Hill.

Check it out.

As you may know, I'm the interview editor for Boxcar. So if you have any suggestions for interviews please feel free to email me. Just remember that Boxcar interviews focus on first book authors.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Postcards/ Notes

Here's the address if you want to send notes/ postcards:

Eduardo C. Corral
c/o The Corporation of Yaddo
PO Box 395 -- Union Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY

Include your address if you want me to respond.

Yaddo Bit

Yesterday, after a reading at West House, all the poets agreed to take part in an Exquisite Corpse project: a collaborative sestina! Each poet was assigned one word, and s/he will come up with six lines ending in assigned word. I was assigned the word "black." The seventh poet will write the envoi.

The six lines are due today at dinner. Cathy Bowman and Alessandra Lynch will cut and paste the lines into a sestina.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I arrived yesterday afternoon.
The mansion is huge. Something like 55 rooms. I have a live-in studio on the third floor. High studio. I know I've complained about live-in studios before, but High studio is very large, and has dark wood floors, a fireplace, and walk-in closet. My desk is big. My bed is fantastic. The windows open out to the back terrace and the fountains. Gorgeous. And the mansion has so many little rooms that I can sneak into and write if I get tired of my live-in space.
I'm sure you're dying to know whose here. But unless I interact with them, I won't reveal names.
Did you know Yaddo has a pool? It does. Today is a rainy day, but I'm going to swim when the sun comes out again. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm going to show off my man boobs to the world. Though Yaddo has one strict rule about the pool: Never Swim Alone.

Last night, Anne Carson and I went bowling...Just kidding! She's not here.
There's a pool and ping pong table at the pool house. I'm looking forward to playing ping pong again.
There are six poets in residence right now. Including another contributor to The Wind Shifts anthology.
Cathy Bowman gave me a tour of the Yaddo grounds yesterday. She knows her Yaddo history.
The Yaddo grounds are beautiful. Flowerbeds, tree-lined paths, lakes, and, of course, the famous rose garden.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NYC Highlights

Spending a week with the grumpy but lovable Rigoberto Gonzalez.
Dinner with Manuel Munoz. Doesn't he look handsome in the photograph? His bottom part looks just as good. Nasty!
Spending hours at Central Park. And not at the Rambles. Thank you very much.
The amazing brie/ turkey/ honey/ mustard sandwhich Rigoberto bought from a Lincoln Center cafe.
Running into Aaron Smith at St. Mark's Bookstore. I was on the phone, and from the corner of my eye, I spied a poet-looking type. You know the look: stubble, black-rimmed glasses, peg leg. I asked this character: Are you the famous Aaron Smith? He said yes. I said: Will you autograph my crotch. Needless to say, Aaron Smith ran out of the bookstore.
Finding out that Miguel Murphy's book will have a freaking amazing book cover. The cover is a Julio Galan painting. I'm so jealous.
Walking around the Village by myself.
Having brunch with Matthew Thorburn on Sunday at Edgar's Cafe. Matthew is a very sweet man. Too sweet for the poetry business. He didn't say a bad word about anyone. But I did.
Spotting John Waters at Penn Station.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Some NYC Bits

Muggy. I spent Wednesday afternoon walking around Union Square. I love all the flower stands on the street corners. I found the Strand, and once again was disappointed. The Strand sucks. Well, its poetry selection does. And the shelves are way too tall for browsing. I met Diana M. Delgado for lunch. We ate at this Thai place. My food was drowned in a good yellow sauce so I didn't really enjoy the food. The ice lemon tea was nice. Afterwards, we got a coffee and strolled around a bit. We entered a stationary store, and we were followed around by one of the store workers. Foul. We left and found a great wedge-shaped garden. We sat down and talked. Diana confessed her love for Tony Robinson. JK! I confessed my love Tony Robinson and Jordan Davis. After the park we headed off to Diana' apartment near Columbia. Her space is fab. I would love to live there. Then we met up with Rigoberto for dinner.
Last night I went to a black box theatre performance. The lead actor was hot. He looked a little like Anderson Cooper.
I ate at China Fun. I liked it!
Yesterday, I went to Mercer Books and I did find some books there to buy. But Housing Works was another let down. Their poetry selection is poor as an MFA graduate student. I saw Aaron McCollough's latest book on sale there. But eight bucks was way too much to spend on his poetry.
We spent about an hour chasing down Gotham Books only to discover that it was closed. I'd totally forgotten it closed down!
In the late afternoon we went to Rockefeller Center and watched the hot businessmen walk by. Hotness! We stayed there for two hours. Sad queen time.

Monday, July 09, 2007

NYC/ Yaddo Bits

Tomorrow I leave for NYC. I will be there for a week before heading off to a month-long residency at Yaddo. Yes, life is hard.

I hear there's a freaking heatwave washing over the east coast this week. Damnit! I can't escape the heat.

I will be staying with my amigo Rigoberto Gonzalez.

Is "damnit" one word or two words? I'm too lazy to Google.

I haven't been to NYC since 2005. I can't wait to walk the streets, ride the subway, and eat some good food.

I'm looking forward to Yaddo. I've never stayed in a mansion. I do hope I don't get one of the big writers bedroom that also functions as a live-in studio. I had a live-in studio at Hall Farm. I want a studio! Is that too much to ask for?

I'm busying packing for my move to Hamilton, NY. Well, I'm not packing much since my future apartment is fully furnished. I'm taking about five boxes, plus my desktop computer. That's all.

Did anyone catch my little name in bold print in the current issue of Poets & Writers? It's on page 91! My mom asked me for my copy of P&W today. I'm sure she's going to mail it to her sisters in Fresno. She likes to brag a bit.

I've been writing a lot these past two weeks. Lines, images, and poem ideas are pouring out of me. I will discard 98% of this output but it does feel good to be writing again.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post Hall Farm Bits

Did I just spend 30 days in Vermont? Yes, I did. I have the bug bites as proof of my time there.
Attention: Collin Kelley is one DIRTY poet.
Jackson Martin was in residence with me at HF. Very nice man. I kept calling him Andrew Jackson.
I never went swimming in the pond. All the filth on the pond surface grossed me out: dragonfly wings, dead tadpoles, pollen, and these icky elongated insect egg sacks that looked like ribbons of semen floating on the water. Yuck.
I had a great time in Boston last Saturday. I walked around Harvard Square a bit. Ate at some famous hamburger spot next to the Harvard Bookstore. Bought a few titles at bookstores.

Native Guard
Halloween here I come!
Michael Fauver, a young writer, still an undergraduate, is blogging about his month at Yaddo. Check out his great writing space.