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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Postcard Bits

I went into town today. I had to buy soap, and some Pepsi. I'm going through cola withdrawls.
Thanks: Simmons, Deb, Kelli, Rebecca L., Matthew, Juana, and Ivy for the postcards!
Simmons asks if Hall Farm Center is a farm or center. Well, it's not a farm. There's no crops or livestock. No farming implements around. I'm the only ho around.

Hall Farm is an arts center. Library, wifi, lit festival in the fall, high school outreach programs, artists-in-residence.
Deb asks if one can purchase ketchup in Vermont. Odd question, no? Maybe she has some stock in Heinz. Ketchup is abundant as grass in Vermont! Though I hardly touch the stuff. I'm a vegan. Wait...
I think I'm misspelling "ketchup."
Rebecca L.'s postcard had a Supergirl stamp. Very cool.
I'm still trying to pick out two more books but I know I'm going to be teaching two books written by bloggers. Matthew Thorburn's Subject to Change, and Aimee Nez's At the Drive-In Volcano.

I'm going to use four recent individual books of poetry and one mid-priced anthology in my workshop.
Congrats to Sandra B. and Brandi H. on their recent good news! Yeah!
It was very hot today.
Oh, I can see the chef cooking dinner from up here. Oh, boy! She's making strawberry shortcake for dessert.


Paul said...

How much longer are you there?

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Paul, I will be here until the 30th of June.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Hey Eduardo, thanks! I'm happy to hear that. How's the writing going up there?

Sandra said...

Thanks for the congrats! I really want my copy of Aimee's book NOW. I am impatient poet.