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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blasphemous Elegy for May 14, 2003

exhale: breathe out, give off, let out, send forth, throw out, cast out, blow, blast, fan, gasp, heave, huff, pant, puff, whiff, whisper, whistle, sigh, wheeze, disembogue, expectorate, expel, ooze

the abandoned trailer exhaled a ninety-nine headed beast

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I modestly propose that every year on the 14th day of May as a way to memorialize the 19 journeyers we hold our breath—better yet, that we abstain from breathing—for a period of 24 hours so that one year we might come to asphyxiate the 14th of May. I offer this proposal not for the sake of vengeance but for the sake of proving to ourselves that we are, indeed, more than human.

José Felicito Figueroa Gutiérrez edad desconocida de Honduras
Catarino González Merino edad desconocida de México
Mateo Salgado Pérez edad desconocidad de México
Héctor Ramírez Robles 34 años de México
Chelve Benítez Jaramillo edad desconocida de México
Rogelio Domínguez Benítez edad desconocida de México
Jorge Mauricio Torres Herrera 15 años de El Salvador
Roberto Rivera Gámez 24 años de Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato
Serafín Rivera Gámez 34 años de Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato
Elisendo Cabanas González 27 años de Tulcingo del Valle, Puebla
Marco Antonio Villaseñor Acuña 5 años de la Ciudad de México
José Antonio Villaseñor Leon 31 años de la Ciudad de México
Edgar Gabriel Hernández Zúñiga 17 años de Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí
Juan Carlos Castillo Loredo 20 años de Cárdenas, San Luís Potosí
Ricardo González Mata 24 años de Plan de Iguala, San Luís Potosí
Oscar González Guerrero 18 años de Plan de Iguala, San Luís Potosí
José Luís Ramírez Bravo 21 años de Ajuchitlán del Progreso, Guerrero
Juan José Morales 24 años de Nuevo Leon
Augusto Stanley Vargas 31 años de Republica Dominicana

that the beast
off terrified I
do not
believe nor
do I
believe that
it gnawed off
its limp
and lifeless heads
such a beast
have ninety-nine
full of urine
and sweat
yet its
and thirst
would continue
what nonsense
this clearly
there is
no beast
an indeterminate
number of survivors
19 bodies
an infinity of noses

inhale: drag, draw in, gasp, inspire, insufflate, respire, sniff, suck in, absorb, consume, annihilate, appreciate, rejoice in, relish, revel in, devour

the abandoned trailer inhaled our teddy bears

affair aware bare bear beware billionaire blare care chair compare concessionaire dare debonair declare despair disrepair doctrinaire ensnare extraordinaire fair forswear foursquare glare hair hare heir impair lair mare millionaire pair pear prayer prepare questionnaire rare repair scare share snare solitaire spare square stair stare tear their there they’re unaware underwear unfair ware wear where

Parece que va llover. No hay para atrás De amor. Siganme. Es un fenómeno. El cielo se está nublando. La necesidad de nuestros países. Los buenos. A esta triste canción. Ví fotos del niño No contaban. Hay una linda region. No sé si sería eso. Con mi astucia. Para darle vida. Asinas. Una mancha y un ramo. Tengo todos mis movimientos. Ni modo. Las mismas pesadillas. Unieron sus almas. Mi cuñado y sus dos tíos. Yo no los maté. Ay mamá me estoy mojando. Pi pipi pipi. En la eternidad. Perfectamente calculados. Luego cambian la pagina Nunca te podre olvidar. Ya ya ya ya.

Javier O. Huerta


Peter said...

Intense stuff.

Francisco Aragón said...

Javier's poem, its technique, echoes, I think, Lorna's "Coffee" with its catalogue of names. But Javier extends it by including the various places if origin of those who perished. Unlike Lorna's poem, which depicts how all the dead come from the same village, Javier's underscores that these people came from various places, including Central America, in addition to Mexico. The untranslated, uncompromising use of Spanish at the end is just right, though the "Ya ya ya ya", in mind, with its use of a repeated sound, reminded me of the very end of "The Wasteland"

javier said...

Eduardo: Thank you for posting my poem.

Francisco and Peter, thank you for your comments.

juan said...

Que coraje! Hard to describe, more than dramatic monologue/elegy:
part callisthenic litany
part caustic extended metaphor
part love epistle/obituary/chant
part human/language devolution/doubt
part protean stream/voice/form: a fleshed out threnody.
Thanks for sharing, Eduardo/Javier. -juan