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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Stuff Around the Blog-O-Sphere

Aaron Smith won a New York state grant worth 7K! He now can afford a gallon-sized tub of Astro Glide.
Mary B. is starting up a new print journal. Mary, here's some friendly advice: don't publish any bloggers!
The pores! The pores!
L.S. is sponsoring a "Name My Dastardly Villain" Contest.
Amanda got into Breadloaf!
Bloof Books!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interview with MANUEL MUÑOZ

The publishing world isn’t ready to give one of us the whole 25-year-old-wunderkind treatment. Keep our predecessors in mind on those days you get fed up: they had more painful rejections and closed doors than we ever will. Keep writing and make sure you send out only your best work. We are under intense scrutiny now in an ever-tightening market for literature: it isn’t enough anymore to rise from a reading inspired to “tell our stories.” Now we have to exhibit craft, too, to show that we’ve got the literary tools to throw some chingadazos if we have to.

Click "Show Original Post" at top of page to read interview.

First Book Interviews

I see some poets take themselves way too seriously. Some poets think they're famous. If they're famous, they're famous to a sliver of a sliver of the population. A first book doesn't make you a big deal. You should know that. So, maybe, get over yourself.

IPod Shuffle

I'm so behind the times. I finally bought an IPod. A shuffle. A very cute green rectangle of happiness. The shuffle holds 240 songs, which is perfect for my upcoming time at colonies this summer. I almost bought an IPod nano, but I decided to take a small step first. The shuffle is very user-friendly, and the ITunes software is also easy. I've already downloaded (look at me, Ma!) the new Rufus Wainwright CD, and a lot of fun summer songs. Including some cheesy but wonderful Mexican pop music. I'm talking about Paulina Rubio, and Gloria Trevi.

Now, here is where you come in. I want to download a few more songs. Tell me which songs or albums are making you wet right now???

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last Poem

Before I began life this time
I took a crash course in Counter-Intelligence
Once here I signed in, see name below, and added
Some words remembered from an earlier time,
"The intention of the organism is to survive."
My earliest, & happiest, memories pre-date WWII,
They involve a glass slipper & a helpless blue rose
In a slender blue single-rose vase: Mine
Was a story without a plot. The days of my years
Folded into one another, an easy fit, in which
I made money & spent it, learned to dance & forgot, gave
Blood, regained my poise, & verbalized myself a place
In Society. 101 St. Mark's Place, apt. 12A, NYC 10009
New York. Friends appeared & disappeared, or wigged out,
Or stayed; inspiring strangers sadly died; everyone
I ever knew aged tremendously, except me. I remained
Somewhere between 2 and 9 years old. But frequent
Reification of my own experiences delivered to me
Several new vocabularies, I loved that almost most of all.
I once had the honor of meeting Beckett & I dug him.
The pills kept me going, until now. Love, & work,
Were my great happinesses, that other people die the source
Of my great, terrible, & inarticulate one grief. In my time
I grew tall & huge of frame, obviously possessed
Of a disconnected head, I had a perfect heart. The end
Came quickly & completely without pain, one quiet night as I
Was sitting, writing, next to you in bed, words chosen randomly
From a tired brain, it, like them, suitable, & fitting.
Let none regret my end who called me friend.

Ted Berrigan

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Review Bits

This artist is currently at Yaddo. A tic burrowed into his skin! Lime disease! Unclean!
Review of Dummy Fire by Sarah Vap
Aimee speaks Spanish??!!
I finally bought my bus ticket last night for my four-hour trek from Boston to Brattleboro, Vermont. Why am I going to Vermont? For the maple syrup. Also, Hall Farm Center is about 20 miles from Brattleboro.
Galatea Resurrects #6: 56 reviews.
This is a fun and silly MFA program blog run by some Montana students.
Review of Mary Karr's Sinners Welcome.
D.A. Powell on figurative language:
At some point in our education, a well-meaning instructor filled our heads with metaphors and similes, as well as the crucial distinction between the two. And no doubt our first attempts at poetry were filled with bad versions of both. But I'm guessing that most of us never questioned whether one mode was more virtuous than another, or whether one was somehow better suited to a particular comparison we wished to make.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Washed in the River

Of course the woman with the mouse–child was famous,
as grace is famous
a rarity

at the end of suffering. She kept him in
a nest in the dry bathtub
and washed in the river.

And though only children were meant
to believe this, I still believe this.
The fate of the body
is to confound

itself with everything. That's why
in another tale, the fair sister
opened her mouth and spoke
and the plain sister, vipers and toads.
Meanwhile the mother

of the gray thing
bathed him in a teacup.
Plucked him out and let him
run along the shore

to the window. Where both of them
were struck with longing—
he behind the great glass,
she behind the gray boy.

The second you see yourself in the suffering
the story's over.

Beckian Fritz Goldberg

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hall Farm Bits

I'm gearing up for my month-long residency at Hall Farm Center. I will be there from June 1 to June 30. That's a lot of time! I'm planning on adding three or four poems to my collection, finishing two reviews of poetry books, and to draft a couple of essays. Plus, I'm taking a small stack of novels to read:

Their Dogs Came With Them by Helena Maria Viramontes
The Interloper by Antoine Wilson
The Road to Tamazunchale by Ron Arias
La Maravilla by Alfredo Vea
I started work on a new poem last week. It's titled "To Robert Hayden." Hayden is so important to me as a poet. I can see his influence in many of my poems. But the poem I'm writing is not a "love" poem. It's confrontational.
Who wants a Hall Farm Center t-shirt?
Why did it take me so long to apply to colonies? I only started applying to them in 2005.
Only five artists are in residence at one time at Hall Farm. Hmm. This might be fun or trouble. Five people! One jackass will ruin the group dynamic. I hope I'm not that jackass.
Spider-Man 3 sucked. It was too long. And it had four endings. Blah.
I'm going to spend hours in this room. It looks gorgeous.
Gawd, this post is terrible. It's one big brag. I've become Paul Guest. JK! I'm not that handsome.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blasphemous Elegy for May 14, 2003

exhale: breathe out, give off, let out, send forth, throw out, cast out, blow, blast, fan, gasp, heave, huff, pant, puff, whiff, whisper, whistle, sigh, wheeze, disembogue, expectorate, expel, ooze

the abandoned trailer exhaled a ninety-nine headed beast

ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston

ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston

ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston

ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston
ella me espera en Houston

I modestly propose that every year on the 14th day of May as a way to memorialize the 19 journeyers we hold our breath—better yet, that we abstain from breathing—for a period of 24 hours so that one year we might come to asphyxiate the 14th of May. I offer this proposal not for the sake of vengeance but for the sake of proving to ourselves that we are, indeed, more than human.

José Felicito Figueroa Gutiérrez edad desconocida de Honduras
Catarino González Merino edad desconocida de México
Mateo Salgado Pérez edad desconocidad de México
Héctor Ramírez Robles 34 años de México
Chelve Benítez Jaramillo edad desconocida de México
Rogelio Domínguez Benítez edad desconocida de México
Jorge Mauricio Torres Herrera 15 años de El Salvador
Roberto Rivera Gámez 24 años de Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato
Serafín Rivera Gámez 34 años de Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato
Elisendo Cabanas González 27 años de Tulcingo del Valle, Puebla
Marco Antonio Villaseñor Acuña 5 años de la Ciudad de México
José Antonio Villaseñor Leon 31 años de la Ciudad de México
Edgar Gabriel Hernández Zúñiga 17 años de Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí
Juan Carlos Castillo Loredo 20 años de Cárdenas, San Luís Potosí
Ricardo González Mata 24 años de Plan de Iguala, San Luís Potosí
Oscar González Guerrero 18 años de Plan de Iguala, San Luís Potosí
José Luís Ramírez Bravo 21 años de Ajuchitlán del Progreso, Guerrero
Juan José Morales 24 años de Nuevo Leon
Augusto Stanley Vargas 31 años de Republica Dominicana

that the beast
off terrified I
do not
believe nor
do I
believe that
it gnawed off
its limp
and lifeless heads
such a beast
have ninety-nine
full of urine
and sweat
yet its
and thirst
would continue
what nonsense
this clearly
there is
no beast
an indeterminate
number of survivors
19 bodies
an infinity of noses

inhale: drag, draw in, gasp, inspire, insufflate, respire, sniff, suck in, absorb, consume, annihilate, appreciate, rejoice in, relish, revel in, devour

the abandoned trailer inhaled our teddy bears

affair aware bare bear beware billionaire blare care chair compare concessionaire dare debonair declare despair disrepair doctrinaire ensnare extraordinaire fair forswear foursquare glare hair hare heir impair lair mare millionaire pair pear prayer prepare questionnaire rare repair scare share snare solitaire spare square stair stare tear their there they’re unaware underwear unfair ware wear where

Parece que va llover. No hay para atrás De amor. Siganme. Es un fenómeno. El cielo se está nublando. La necesidad de nuestros países. Los buenos. A esta triste canción. Ví fotos del niño No contaban. Hay una linda region. No sé si sería eso. Con mi astucia. Para darle vida. Asinas. Una mancha y un ramo. Tengo todos mis movimientos. Ni modo. Las mismas pesadillas. Unieron sus almas. Mi cuñado y sus dos tíos. Yo no los maté. Ay mamá me estoy mojando. Pi pipi pipi. En la eternidad. Perfectamente calculados. Luego cambian la pagina Nunca te podre olvidar. Ya ya ya ya.

Javier O. Huerta

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Much Are You Worth

Come sit with poverty for an hour.
Capitalism is a large room with idiotic stares.
And seagulls might as well recite the rosary.
Money that runs its hand over your face.
Anger that does not approach justice.
Come sit by the Martyrs of the highway.
Tie the shoelace of the beggar.
Come make yourself useful.
Boil an egg. Fry some cheese.
Run after Senators -- stop their cars.
Wash the feet of the poor.

Luis Omar Salinas

Housing Bits

Colgate University offered me faculty housing today. Apartment search over! They gave me a fully furnished one bedroom apartment close to campus. And when I say fully furnished, I mean fully furnished. The kitchen has a dishwasher, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, etc. Linens are provided for the bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom comes with a full bed, dresser and nightstand. A TV is also provided!
I can't tell you how happy I am that I have a good place to live next year. I lived in a rat hole in graduate school. Ask Matt Shindell or Sabrina Orah Mark.
I wonder if there's a lot of chubby chasers in Hamilton. I hope so!
Congrats to Sean Hill! He knows why.

Friday, May 04, 2007

2 Bits

I just finished writing my first blurb. I hope the editor likes it. It's a blurb for a chapbook by one of my favorite writers.
My Republican fetish continues. My new crush: Sam Brownback.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hunger Mountain Auction

From Hunger Mountain:

Hunger Mountain's manuscript critique auction begins May 1, 2007 on Ebay. Join us for our second annual fundraising auction, exclusively featuring manuscript critiques with notable authors. One-on-one critiques in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and writing for children will be conducted by phone, e-mail, and mail. This is a great way to study with a writer you admire and support non-profit literary publishing!


Kathi Appelt
Phyllis Barber
Francois Camoin
Lisa Carey
Carolyn Coman
Lynn Emanuel
Philip Graham
Thomas Christopher Greene
Louise Hawes
Major Jackson
Rick Jackson
David Jauss
Thomas Kennedy
Maxine Kumin
Bret Lott
Jack Myers
Pamela Painter
Victoria Redel
Clare Rossini
Tim Seibles
Sue William Silverman
David St. John
Jean Valentine
Bruce Weigl
W.D. Wetherell

All purchases are tax-deductible.