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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Writers Colonies FAQs: Tayari Jones

I have heard that writers colonies are just party-central with your occasional orgy. Is this true? How can I get my work done?

I think the orgy days are long gone. At least I have not witnessed any, nor received any invitations.

The days are pretty solitary. You will likely spend the day in your studio. It is considered rude to knock on a fellow colonist's studio door without having made prior arrangements to do so. Of course, in a case of emergency, knock away. But if nothing is on fire, you just have to wait until the dinner hour to talk to that person.

The evenings are when the fun happens. Some colonies have ping-pong tables, checker boards, Scrabble and other nerdly entertainment. After dinner, folks tend to socialize.

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britten said...

This may come as strange...but I noticed you were looking for Brandon Som back in 2006. I am an old friend...did you ever find him? IF so, could you direct me to him or him to me. Thanks, britten