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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Have you seen the new Poets & Writers? Helena María Viramontes graces the cover.
I'm starting to plan the poetry workshop that I will teach at Colgate University. I'm leaning toward weekly writing exercises. And I love the idea of requiring the students to keep a notebook. But I'm having a hard time picking a text. I'm thinking of assigning one big text. Probably Contemporary American Poetry. But I also like the idea of assigning individual collections, even chapbooks. What to do??
There's a zit on the tip of my nose.
...the powerful and the beautiful have different names.
I'm having a hard time finding a place to live in Hamilton, NY. I know there's plenty of time left to look, but I'm getting nervous. I don't want to live in a ratty place.


Oliver de la Paz said...

The Contemporary American Poetry book's one I've used before. It's alright. I do think it's showing it's age . . .

What level of creative writing are you teaching? Intro? You'll be surprised how little they know 'bout poetry if it's intro so sometimes a book that has actual terminology's good.

I still cringe when students call stanzas paragraphs.

cornshake said...

oops! i keep forgetting to send u my syllabus! i'm on a diff. computer but will get it to you soon. i always try to do a mix of indiv. collections and a basic antho. there's a good priced one from RS Gwynn called contemp. am. poetry...and the price is right too!