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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rats Reading Podcast

For those who are impressed with someone saying "umm" circa 60 times in 30 seconds, tune into the February 20th Columbia Universidad Rats Reading at the Dead Poet. I hosted. The readers were:

Slam Phenomenon: Rich Villar
The Chandler-esque: Adam Davis
Queens Native & Biggie Listening: Marco Fernando Navarro
The Serene: Adam Dressler
The Only-Girl-Worthy-of-Breaking-Glass-With-Me:
Amanda Pennelly
The Trio: Diana & Marie & Delgado
& The Closer: Tara Betts.

A special lips-closed-but-half-opened-gracias-smooch to Matt Griffin who made sure sounds, not echoes happened.

I am responsible for nothing I said that night and can only say there are many doppelgangers of me in this world, all of which like whiskey. And barettes.


Since I was at AWP Atlanta I think I was/am supposed to confess who I kissed, who kissed me, and gossip about other writers (attire, attitude, bad books) on the blog. The problem is that I kissed various people at AWP this year, too many to itemize. Blame it on my Nyquil carafe. I didn't listen to much gossip. It kind of bores me.


I would like to thank the lovely Lorna Dee Cervantes for attending the Casa Libre's Big Fat Hot & Sexy Reading at the Midtown Tavern. And Anne & Kristen for placing the event at a place that served tots (as in tater).



Anthony R. said...

You didn't kiss me.

Collin said...

Sorry I missed you at AWP, Diana. I would have kissed you back. :)

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Tony, come to NYC. It could happen.