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Friday, March 23, 2007

Rainy Bits

Someone arrived at my blog by googling "Anne Sexton" and "blowjob."
It's been raining all day.
Folks keep asking if C.Dale and I will be at Yaddo at the same time. No. And that's a good thing because I wouldn't get any work done! I would pester C. Dale for gossip all day. I would insist on taking rides on a bicycle built for two.
James Galvin: Rain is the tallest girl I know.
Looking for a summer conference? Here's one that looks good: Napa Valley Writers' Conference. I've never been, but it would be cool to work with David St. John or Elizabeth Alexander.
For the Confederate Dead by Kevin Young
Here are some cool portraits of poets. Tip of the hat to Corn Shake for the link.
Luis Omar Salinas: I walk on the edge/ of my mother's grave/ sadly touching the rain/ as if it were her dress.


greg rappleye said...


As stupid as this sounds, I just wanted to say "Hey!"

So, ummm. Hey!

antoine wilson said...

I'll take the opportunity to copy greg:


and add

"hope you're doing well"


"that line is so Galvin"


poet with a day job said...

I'll vouch for Napa Valley WC - I've been twice - since Mark Wunderlich was poetry director there, they moved to a more of "working workshop" style, wherein you produce new work each day for the workshop the following day. It's a good system, same as Squaw.

They also provide lunch, and terrific lectures by the participating workshop leaders as well as totally hip and cool winery receptions. The one downside is housing. If you opt into theirs, you get put up in wealthy homes which can be awesome and awful, depending on what you get. Or you can spend a cool thousand on a B&B - all depends, I guess, on what you consider a vacation!

Tricia said...

Those portraits are great. I am particularly enjoying the one of Langston Hughes, who seems to be emitting a small woof of joy. Thanks for the link!