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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coldfront Magazine

Scott Hightower alerted me to a newish online journal, Coldfront Magazine. It's a cool site. A lot of reviews of recent books. Like these:

Black Box by Erin Belieu
My Brother is Getting Arrested Again by Daisy Fried
Green Squall by Jay Hopler
I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Half Wild by Mary Rose O'Reilley
Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar by Richard Meier

Err...I hope the review editors seek out more reviews of books by writers of color. The review list, so far, is very white bread. And I love rye bread.

The site also features some quirky features, like:

The Jay Hopler Victory Lap
The Year in Print


Dave said...

Ya i checked the mag. What's up with all 'em writers? I guess they can't get a review copy for other authors or something? Did you write to them?

John said...

This is John, I'm a Coldfront editor; I'll be sure to take your comment in to account. Check out the Kevin Young review (For the Confederate Dead) at http://reviews.coldfrontmag.com/2007/01/for_the_confede.html.

You mentioned you're a Hayden fan on your blog; I am too, and he factors in to the review of Young's book. Also feel free to e-mail editors@coldfrontmag.com with any suggestions re: new books you'd like to see reviewed. Thanks for the interest,