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Monday, February 12, 2007


The Poetry Foundation invited some poets to list their favorite love poems.

Kim Addonizio. I think Kim needs a new author photo. She looks like she's passing gas in this photograph.

Joel Brouwer. Yet another nerdy-chic author photo. Joel does look cute in the photograph, but also smug. Doesn't he? I want to punch him. Then kiss him.

Sharon Olds. Mizz Olds needs a new photograph too. I want to see both hands in the new photograph. Where is that missing hand in this photograph? What is that hand doing?

Rigoberto González. Rigo has been Marion-ized. Enough said. I'm not saying anything nasty about his author photograph. And neither should you. He's just been named to the board of directors of The National Book Critics Circle.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Thanks for linking this, Eduardo. I never seem to visit their site unless someone tells me I should. And the Hoagland poem J.B. picks is one of my favorites (and definitely my favorite of Hoagland's). Too bad Sharon Olds doesn't say why she picked the poems she did -- that's the interesting part of these kinds of things. Happy Monday to you!

greg rappleye said...

You are too funny!

A. D. said...

How about your Top 5?

Collin said...

Authors tend to find a favorite photo and stick with it, esp. if they think they look good in it. I know I'm guilty. Whatever doesn't make me look fat and wall-eyed is a keeper.