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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Deborah has moved.
9, the new Damien Rice, is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for a straight man with a guitar.
Who is Eric McHenry? He just won the Kate Tufts Discovery Award for Potscrubber Lullabies. Scroll down the page and view his author photo. WTF? He looks like he's just caught a glimpse of the Lord, or something. He looks so happy! The Rapture! The Rapture!

Check out some of his work here and here.
This idoit can dribble.
Congrats, Jake. Tip of the hat to S.S. for the heads-up.
I have to teach tomorrow. Crap. Time to put on my happy face.


Anonymous said...

Imagine! A poet who isn't a blogger dares to win a prize! Who is he? Who is he? He can't be a poet if he doesn't blog, so let's all make fun of his photo!!

Collin said...

Gotta be honest...never heard of Eric McHenry either. But congratulations to him just the same.

Montgomery Maxton said...

no, not a glimpse of the lord, a Glimpse of Goodman.