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Monday, February 26, 2007

AWP, Preggers, & Two Boys I Haven't Had

I will be reading at AWP on Thursday for Casa Libre. Come if you can, and if you cannot, visit the Con Tinta table on Sats. between 9-11. I'll be manning/girling the table with the poet, Johnny Espinoza. Meet me and pull my ponytails. I like being touched.

I met a gypsy this weekend who thought I was preggers! I guess this happens when you're in Russian bars where Julliard students are playing piano and swaying to Billy Joel. I didn't evaporate or anything, considering this signs that one needs to stop spreading butter, and jogging. The gypsy also told me my first two children would be boys, and I would have three girls from then on. Apparently I'm going to have Delgados in herds.

Someone saw this picture and thought I married this guy (Fictioner, Marco F.M.). They said we looked like we were enjoying wedding bliss.

I'm thinking of moving to Queens... and heading to Peru this summer... Excited!

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