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Saturday, January 13, 2007


10.31.06: Absent rejects the solicited Elegy for the Church, A Bad Experience Eating Mandrake Root, Are You Telling Me You Bought a Puppy, Elegy for a White Supremacist, and Portrait of the Artist as Kenny Rogers Seriously Losing His Shit. I wonder if Absent will publish the editors of Typo? After all, Typo has published Absent editor Simon DeDeo. Why, yes they will. Class act.

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion. I'm not the author of the snarky paragraph above. The author is Jason Bredle. More power to him.


Montgomery Maxton said...

class act indeed.

Brian Campbell said...

Be easy on yourself (if that's you posting that stuff). Call them returns.

If you start an internet review, you can play favourites too.

(Reminds me of a Smothers Brothers version of "I can tell by your outfit that you are a cowboy" ending with "If you buy an outfit, you can be a cowboy too." If that doesn't date me, I don't know what does... childhood memory, mind you.)

I suggest you submit to Quintessential. It's been around a long, long time (too long, in fact). Read about it on my blog. Good for a few laughs.

Tony said...

Oh Jesus!

God forbid anyone publish their friends.

Um....history of American poetry, anyone?

Simon said...

Hey there -- I don't remember soliciting Jason, that must have been Elisa (and of course I trust Elisa's decision-making abilities completely.)

Simon said...

Oh, and for the record -- I have been rejected by Typo many times. I like the Typo people a great deal, and I love their magazine, but I think we're all a bit too minor-league for quid pro quo.

Adam said...

It raises an interesting question:

Should editors by default reject good poems from poets they know or who have published them?

Elisa Gabbert said...

For the record, I did solicit and then reject Jason Bredle without consulting Simon at all ... we do make a number of independent editorial decisions. I like Jason's work quite a bit but didn't think what he sent meshed with the other stuff I was taking. So no go. I guess some poets consider a solicitation an automatic acceptance? In any case, I bear no ill will toward JB despite the snark. (And also for the record, TYPO rejected me!)

Matthew Henriksen said...

and this guy probably has a woody because people are actually reading his blog.

Anonymous said...

People, I think you all care about this much more than I do - I moved on months ago. Perhaps you may find a conversation about solicitation and rejection or the integrity of online journals more productive?

Matthew Henriksen, I don't have a poetry blog.


Matthew Henriksen said...

That conversation wouldn't be any fun.