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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Robert Vasquez Blog

His first post deals with the state of creative writing as a discipline in the California Community College system. I wonder if he's blogging to disseminate information about this one issue, or if he's going to blog about all kinds of things. I don't care. I'll read anything he writes. Well, not everything. I'm sure his grocery lists are boring.


anything but poetry said...

I love to read grocery lists...you find out a lot...


Robert Vasquez said...

Thanks, Eduardo, for noting my new blog.

Currently, I'm trying to publicize the AWP-sponsored petition that will be voted this April by the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges.

However, in the future, I hope to post other material about poets and their works as well as comment on various issues concerning creative writing (i.e., pedagogy within the creative writing workshop; various "schools" or "styles" of poetry writing and public accessibility, etc.).

And I hope to encourage dialogue around other issues, such as the current lack of ethnic diversity among faculty within creative writing programs as well as the need for greater acceptance of ethnic writers by the editors of contemporary journals and book publication houses.

Sheryl said...

Go Robert!