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Monday, January 29, 2007

Elmer's Bits

Stephanie King wants to add me to her blogroll. Of course, Stephanie. You didn't have to ask. Such wonderful manners!
God is opening a new bottle of glue today.
Look at these great photographs of desert snow. Scroll down a bit.
Rigoberto reviews Pat Mora.
The University of Arizona press is going to publish some interesting books this spring. Like this one. And, of course, this book.

I just have one bit of advice for the good folks over at the press. Stop the in-house blurbing! That ticks me off. Get writers NOT published by the press to blurb the books! I don't like incest.
Congrats, Daisy!
At first I was almost sure that the speaking persona behind Jean-Paul Pecqueur’s The Case Against Happiness was a good dancer.
Did anyone else catch Kazim Ali on Jeopardy? It was a hoot! The host began the show by saying, " I can't remember the last time we had a poet on the show." Kazim, unfortuantly, tanked. He was $1600 in the red by the time of the first break. I blame it on the nerves, Kazim! The nerves! Though he did get most of the Latin American literature category right. Yeah!
Need a Website for a Reasonable Price?
Don't forget this contest. The postmark deadline is February 1.


Justin Evans said...


I am none of these:


Stephanie King said...

Why thank you! :)

Oliver de la Paz said...

I caught Kazim on Jeopardy.

Su Kim, the winner, was ultra-fast on her buzzer. Also, certain categories are unfair . . . like the "C" in Football category (I knew all the answers, I'm just saying).

In defense of Kazim, he did stage a momentous comeback.