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Thursday, January 11, 2007

El Rito Poetry Workshop: Pass The Wire

If anyone knows anyone in El Rito, NM, tell them to contact:

Diana Marie Delgado @ dmd2107@columbia.edu.

I am teaching an "intensive" 4 week Poetry workshop at Northern New Mexico Community College in El Rito. My class starts next Wednesday... Begins at 10:00 AM...There's going to be a lot of in-class exercises...


Bachelard meets Jung's "Dreams" during a Freudian slip about Lacan.


A train wreck with offerings.


Strategic chaos.


About telling Mr. or Mrs. X, Y, or Z, to contact me and take my class.**

*I'm also willing to meet up with anyone that will fly out here and drive from Santa Fe to El Rito to watch the Amelie DVD I bought myself for my birthday (November 14th) but have been unable to watch. We could watch it on my Mac and order New Mexican Food. We could also go here. I'm surrounded by it.

*But for cereal. Please pass this on.

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