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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Old Man Bits

I'm an old man. I'm taking antibiotics. I'm pumping nasal sprays into my nose. I'm coughing a lot. All I need is a walker and Anna Nicole Smith.
I dread opening emails from people I've "discussed" on my blog. Why? Some people can't take a joke! The other day as I opened an email from a poet (hint: his initials are A.L.) I prepared myself for some mean words. But A.L. was sweet and amused by my blog post. He gets a gold star.
I'm going Xmas shopping tomorrow for my niece and nephews. One of my nephews wants an ant farm!


Ali Davis said...

Try the new ant farms with glowing plasma gel in them instead of dirt. Seriously. And you're on for the frozen hot chocolate. :)

Montgomery Maxton said...

What about Sea Monkeys?

Anonymous said...

You don't dread emails from me, you? I'm that ugly white guy!