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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bottom Bits

Poetry? What you taking about, Willis?
Personally, I’ve never had a problem being gay in Atlanta and I can pass for a redneck if I have to when I’m beyond the city walls. Collin Kelly as redneck? Hey, if I can top once in a while, then anything is possible.
Norman Dubie has a page over at MySpace. Odd. I know a lot of writers have set up MySpace pages, but if you know Norman Dubie you know he's not interested in computers. Maybe that has changed. Or maybe his assistant set up the page for him. Scrolling down the page I discovered that Norman Dubie is 61 years old. That is old. And he's straight! Well, there's at least one straight male poet out there. Good to know. But most shocking of all: he doesn't smoke! WTF??? The Norman Dubie I know smokes like a smoke stack. He's built like a smoke stack. I remember meeting in his small, dark office; he always lit up a cigarette or two as we talked. Maybe he's stopped smoking. I hope so.
I need a kiss. From a blogger.
I got (I know that's not proper English, but I gotz to have my got) a copy of Best New Poets 2006 last week. I really like a lot the poems in the anthology. Especially mine! Ha! You should buy a copy. I'm hoping we can set up a reading for the anthology in Tempe soon.
What to make of this mess?
I Am Thinking Of My First Deer. Very good poem.
James Hall, where are you? Tell me all about the mountain folk.
Wait, I don't think I've ever topped. I might be wrong. There was that time at the Lilith Fair concert.
Peter, is asking for poems that fall under the theme "Poetry and the Body."
My motto: Wave Those Ankles In The Air Like You Just Don't Care.


C. Dale said...

There, I gave you a kiss.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hell no, Norman didn't set up that Myspace page. And no, he hasn't stopped smoking.

Ivy said...

*mwah* *mwah*

[European style]

Collin said...

I have many talents, Eduardo. :)

Justin Evans said...

I'm straight, but then again, my status as a poet is under review.

Being married, I am limited as to the type and length of kiss I am allowed to give you.

RK said...

Times would have surely changed if Norman had set up a MySpace page (considering the "email is the devil" post-it that used to frequent his office door), let alone one that featured emoticons above the poems on there...

I have my doubts that the "Tito" one on there is real, as well...