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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Flu Bits

Body aches, fever, sore throat, headaches...I've got a flu. Yuck.
Corn Shake is blogging from the MacDowell Colony. She keeps getting lost in the dark. It does get very dark there. Like she says, the paths leading to and from the main house cut through a forest. It is scary! I ran to my studio at night. I ran right through a meadow instead of gingerly walking the curvy path that led to my studio. Once I screamed like a sissy in the dark because I thought I saw a ghost. It was just pale moonlit moss on a tree. Damn moss.
What You Do

when nobody's looking
in the black sites what you do
when nobody knows you
are in there what you do

when you're in the black sites
when you shackle them higher
in there what you do
when you kill by crucifixion

when you shackle them higher
are you still Christian
when you kill by crucifixion
when you ice the body
Mucus! My body is producing an alarming amount of mucus. It's gross.
I'm reading the latest issue of 32 Poems. James Arthur has a kick-ass poem in the issue. Does anyone know him? I hear he's hot.
Charlie is also at a residency. He's at Casa Libre in Tucson. I hope he posts more pics of his suite. And a pic of him showering.
One minute I'm cold; the next I'm hot.
I asked my students to write love poems. One young lady wrote: "He saved my life/ like an angle."

Poetry Northwest

Have you subscribed to Poetry Northwest? Why not? I just did. The Fall 2006/ Winter 2007 issue came out earlier this fall and the issue includes poems by Paula Bohince, Charles Wright, Kevin A. Gonzalez, Teresa Ballard, and Meghan O'Rourke.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Free Chapbook

Josh Hanson's Nightwork.

Best New Poets 2006 Giveaway

I love contests. I never win contests. But that won't stop me! I'm going to give away a copy of Best New Poets 2006 to one lucky reader of my blog! Wow! How thrilling! Amazing! But there is one restriction: other bloggers can't enter. Yeah, you read that right. No bloggers served here!

How do I win? I'm glad you asked. Hmm. Let me think about this. Give me a minute or two. How about you send me an email or leave a comment. But wait, there's more. In the email or comment tell me about the tastiest thing you ate over the Thanksgiving break. I'm a glutton. If you make me drool; you win. Don't stress, darlings. I drool easily.

This contest will be open for a couple of days. I'm guessing most of my readers are other bloggers (Hi, Sabrina!) and it'll probably take some time for non-bloggers to stumble upon my humble contest.

Make me drool!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

MiPoesias Magazine Call for Chapbook Submissions

MiPOesias Magazine is now seeking submissions of chapbook manuscripts. Send manuscripts January 1st through April 1st. Manuscripts should include between 17-25 pages, a title page, a table of contents page and a page including your name, email address and mailing address.

L'Objet Petit: Diana Marie Delgado

I am about to tell a lie whether you believe it or not.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chelsea Hotel/Leonard Cohen

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
you were talking so brave and so sweet,
giving me head on the unmade bed,
while the limousines wait in the street.
Those were the reasons and that was New York,
we were running for the money and the flesh.
And that was called love for the workers in song
probably still is for those of them left.
Ah but you got away, didn't you babe,
you just turned your back on the crowd,
you got away, I never once heard you say,
I need you, I don't need you,
I need you, I don't need you
and all of that jiving around.
I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
you were famous, your heart was a legend.
You told me again you preferred handsome men
but for me you would make an exception.
And clenching your fist for the ones like us
who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
you fixed yourself, you said, "Well never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music."
And then you got away, didn't you babe...
I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best,
I can't keep track of each fallen robin.
I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
that's all, I don't even think of you that often.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bottom Bits

Poetry? What you taking about, Willis?
Personally, I’ve never had a problem being gay in Atlanta and I can pass for a redneck if I have to when I’m beyond the city walls. Collin Kelly as redneck? Hey, if I can top once in a while, then anything is possible.
Norman Dubie has a page over at MySpace. Odd. I know a lot of writers have set up MySpace pages, but if you know Norman Dubie you know he's not interested in computers. Maybe that has changed. Or maybe his assistant set up the page for him. Scrolling down the page I discovered that Norman Dubie is 61 years old. That is old. And he's straight! Well, there's at least one straight male poet out there. Good to know. But most shocking of all: he doesn't smoke! WTF??? The Norman Dubie I know smokes like a smoke stack. He's built like a smoke stack. I remember meeting in his small, dark office; he always lit up a cigarette or two as we talked. Maybe he's stopped smoking. I hope so.
I need a kiss. From a blogger.
I got (I know that's not proper English, but I gotz to have my got) a copy of Best New Poets 2006 last week. I really like a lot the poems in the anthology. Especially mine! Ha! You should buy a copy. I'm hoping we can set up a reading for the anthology in Tempe soon.
What to make of this mess?
I Am Thinking Of My First Deer. Very good poem.
James Hall, where are you? Tell me all about the mountain folk.
Wait, I don't think I've ever topped. I might be wrong. There was that time at the Lilith Fair concert.
Peter, is asking for poems that fall under the theme "Poetry and the Body."
My motto: Wave Those Ankles In The Air Like You Just Don't Care.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Call for Submissions: Junta: Avant-Garde Latino/a Writing

Latino/a writers have historically embraced
experimentation of form and craft as a way to explore
their culture. Even so, much of Latino/a writing,
published in the United States, has been limited to
particular approaches to subject and style that have
been validated by mainstream publishers. Rarely, if
ever, does the writing express the immense diversity
of aesthetics practiced by artists in the Latino/a

In addition, the reality of a U.S. Latino/a
Avant-Garde is virtually non-existent in contemporary
literary discourse about "Latino/a Art" as well as
across the literary spectrum.

Sunstone Press, an independent publisher in Santa Fe,
NM is producing an anthology that will be edited by
poet Gabriel Gomez.
The anthology will feature Avant-Garde poetry and poetics by contemporary
Latino/a writers. The tentative publication date is
fall 2007.

The anthology will first appear at a conference in
Santa Fe, NM, scheduled for October 2007, and will be
available nationwide thereafter.

Caveat Emptor

It is not the intention, with this anthology, to
categorize and codify certain Latino/a writers as
“Avant-Garde” nor to establish any notion of a
preferred aesthetic. The objective is to interrogate
the very terms "Avant-Garde" and "Latino/a
experience" as intersecting locations of poetic
practice so as to bring forth work that bears witness
to our varying aesthetics as artists and thinkers. The
ultimate goal is to encourage both readers and
publishers to recognize the breadth of Latino/a
writing and thus deepen the public's understanding of
the Latino/a experience.


Please submit up to five poems. Manuscripts should not
exceed 15 pages. Include a cover page with your name
and contact information as well as the titles of your
poems. Your name should not appear on the poems

Writers are asked to submit only electronic versions
of the poems. Send as MS Word attachments only. Both
MAC and PC platforms are acceptable.

Submit work to junta.anthology@yahoo.com

Writers whose work is accepted for the anthology will
be asked to write a poetics statement no longer than
750 words.


All manuscripts submitted by January 10, 2007 will be
considered. Contributors will receive two copies of
the book upon publication

Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend Bits

I'm ordering up Becoming the Villainess. Why aren't you?
Am I the only writer full of self-doubt? Of course not. Self-doubt is crippling me right now. I haven't sent out poems in nearly six months. I haven't sent out my collection to the contests.
CUE5 is now out and ready to be bought.
My feet are tingling.
What a terrible dust jacket for a collected! C.K. Williams is no looker. He kinda looks like Ichabod Crane. Couldn't the press find a nice still life or something?
Gosh, I really adore this title: A Fiddle Pulled From The Throat Of A Sparrow.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm in the middle of grading students essays.
Rick Santorum lost his Senate seat! Yes! His daughter took it hard.
You can pre-order Ivy's first book here. What a great cover!
Rove the horse also loses. Ha!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rigoberto González: Poetry Foundation Blog

My aunt Marta, the woman who married my father’s brother, who worked most of her life sorting carrots at a packinghouse alongside my mother and grandmother, wrote a poem. My aunt Marta, who took lessons in cooking desserts, who had me read and translate recipes on the side panels of cereal boxes, wrote a poem. My aunt Marta, barely literate and always laughing, whom I’ve seen cry only once, when I came to visit her after she separated from my uncle and was run out of town by my disgruntled relatives who were furious at her for bringing the González family its first divorce, wrote a poem.