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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sigh. I'm becoming that kind of blogger.
Kristy's blog is one of my favorites. Why isn't it on my blogroll?
I watched the first episode of Six Feet Under on Bravo this weekend. I've never seen this show before. I'm already addicted.
Congrats, Teresa!

Still thinking about the Poetry Bus.
Sometimes when I flip through my manuscript I want to kick it in the balls. Sometimes I want to get on my knees and unzip its...
I have the hots for this man. Hey, at least he's a Dem.


Ginger Heatter said...

*Ewwww* I used to live in NJ. When McGreevey was the mayor of Woodbridge he tried (or succeeded, I don't remember) to pass an ordinance requiring all new businesses to install flagpoles. Flagpoles! He couldn't legally force them to fly the American flag, but he tried to get as close to it as possible.

As I recall, he was also the governor who dealt with Amiri Baraka by completely eliminating the NJ Poet Laureate post.

You can do better, Eduardo. :-P

Morgan Lucas Schuldt said...

As someone who was completely addicted to Six Feet Under when it was on HBO and who subsequently spent what little money he has on the box sets of the first three seasons, I have to say your experience will be even better if you watch the whole thing on dvd. Once the season gets rolling, you'll not want to wait around each night for Bravo's sanitized episodes.

C. Dale said...

Yes, DVD! Do you have Netflix? Add it to your cue. 6FU is one of the best shows ever created. Don't settle for any watered-down Bravo version. If you lived nearer, I would lend you the entire run. We have it on DVD, bought it even though we had seen it all via Netflix.

Erin B. said...

Well said about your relationship with your manuscript. Hopefully you'll be more on the knees side than the kicking side.