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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poop Face Bits

I'm thinking of submitting to Sarabande. Why? Because the press is reading submissions during the month of September. That's why. Geez. But I'm having trouble coming up with a decent cover letter. What do I say? Do I mention prizes, schools, and publications? Or do I summarize my collection? A combination of both? Or?
Look: my favorite publication man-ho has some poems up at No Tell Motel.

I want to know whose idea this was,/ filling up death/ with hundreds of smaller deaths.
Re-reading Bless Me, Ultima for my Chicano/a literature class. I've been cutting out random passages from the text and using the words from these cut passages to compose poems.
My favorite new cartoon show: Squidbillies. White trash squids!
Listening to: The Decemberists.
Hey, Josh: Start blogging!
Another Josh gives some love to my Diva, Cyndi Lauper. Josh, I also adore that breakdown. But I don't think it's an accordion. I always thought it was a Melodica.
I just titled a poem, "Bolero." Forgive me. I don't think that comma belongs there. O well. Let it be.


C. Dale said...

A good cover letter for a manuscript is more business than art. It briefly mentions prizes, publications, etc. It briefly says something about you. It briefly thanks them for considering your ten poems and mentions you hope they will want to consider the ms. in its entirety. They could care less where you went to school. Packet should include cover letter, your acknowledgment page, your author bio page, and ten poems. The majority of your pubs, etc. is on the acknowledgments page. The majority of stuff about you are on the bio page. Make the cover letter brief but attention grabbing. Remember, things like thanking MacDowell go on your acknowledgments page!

Josh_Hanson said...

Hmm, good question. Credits include both Rob Hyman (vocals, melodica, keyboards, synthesizer) and Charlie Giordano (accordion, keyboards).

It's super groovy either way.

Oliver de la Paz said...

What C. Dale said, re: query letter. And always always thank them for their consideration.

Matthew Thorburn said...

You should send em your 10 pages. I just did too. CDY's got good advice (per usual!) -- wish I'd read it before mailing my stuff... I didn't think to include the aknowledgements or bio pages.

Charles said...

Really?? I'm your favorite?

There's still a little poop on your face, but I'm not sure anyone else has noticed.


Alan Cordle said...

I disagree with C.Dale about where you went to school. You and SarahG. both went to Iowa. Might help. Also mention that you are Latino, like their star foet, James Kimbrell. ;)

Diana Marie Delgado said...

That poem by Charles Jensen is pretty right-heart-hot.