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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Post-Reading Bits

Simmons has posted photographs. And Gina has beautifully described the location. I can't add much.
Best New Piglets.
I had a wonderful time at the reading. It was a pleasure to read with Simmons and Gina. Simmons is funny and sincere. He's got stage presence. I guess it helps that he's over 9 feet tall. Gina's voice is very soft, but it envelops the listener. I could listen to her read for a long time.
I sent my collection to two readers. Both of them liked the same group of poems the best. Autobiographical lyrics. Which surprised me. I've always thought those poems were the weakest. And the poems are really not autobiographical. The events they describe never happened.
I didn't give a very good reading. For some reason I got real nervous just as I stepped up to read. I'm not going to lie to you: the older than usual audience threw me off. I don't know why. I like grandmas and grandpas. As I started to read I tried to focus on a couple of faces in the audience but all those wrinkles played tricks on my eyes. It was like Op-Art. I tried to focus on Josh or Charlie but they're the type of people who lower their heads while someone's reading. What's that all about! Really! Charlie had his head down so low he almost inhaled his penis.
Oh Charlie! Oh Josh! Thanks so much for driving up with me to Tucson for the reading. What great company. And Josh, isn't time you actually start blogging?
Casa Libre en la Solana is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a space for writers. They offer self-directed residencies. The suites are amazing. We were given a tour and my jaw hit the floor: the suites pulse with a funky 70s vibe. Each suite has a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. I'm going to apply for a residency. Ricky Moody was just there. Apply. PS: Photographs of the suites will soon be posted on the Casa web site.
Casa is fab but I do have one small complaint: there's a spotlight right above the lectern. A big boy like me is going to sweat like crazy under a spotlight. And sweat I did. Move the spotlight! Better yet: place a small lamp right on the lectern.


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Yeah, Simmons is tall. When he read at Tattered Cover in Denver, I didn't yet really know what he looked like. I was sitting and waiting, and I thought "Whoa, look at that giant guy." And I'm 6'1".

Charles said...

I was self-fellating during your reading. Isn't that what you wanted?! I must have misunderstood what you said in the car.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Yum. I love tall men. I think it's called Anasteemaphelia. Attraction to things that are bigger/taller than you. Yup. I have that.Send them/all my way.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Eduardo, I thought you read very well: real conviction and passion, and a great reading voice. So stop belittling yourself, dude.

It was an interesting crowd. I too thought there'd be more younger folks, but apparently they were all over at Mulloney's across the street, doing line dances and drinking Irish whiskey (not necessarily in that order). I have noticed in most of the Tucson readings, though, that the crowed is generally older, especially when college isn't yet in session. Most UA MFA students are out of town until mid-August, I think.

The spotlight? I was afraid the damn thing would set my head on fire. But since my cap was already aflame from the excellent verse before me, I didn't notice it once I began reading. Those incandescent bulbs get pretty toasty, though.

Anyway, it was a grand (if not muggy) evening; thanks much for making the haul from Tumbleweed and points north.

Josh Rathkamp said...

Eduardo, I, too, think quite the opposite, although the chairs definitely kept me shifting--does that make me old???

And yes--I swear I'll blog. See!

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Hey Josh, responding to a blog does not make you a blogger!

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Okay, E...

If you write me, and I write back, doesn't that mean you're supposed to write me back? (Email)

gina said...

I'm late chiming in, but *must* point out how many people told me after that you read your beautiful work beautifully. I'm on their side.