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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bring Me Apples!

I will be teaching two sections of Chicano literature at South Mountain Community College in South Phoenix. I wasn't planning on teaching but a friend of mine had to drop two of her sections. She asked me to take them. Why not? I know the material. Correction: I love the material. Classes start next week.

I will be using these books:
U.S. Latino Literature Today
Bless Me, Ultima
Song of the Hummingbird
Pity the Drowned Horses
Bent to the Earth

I haven't taught since grad school. Any advice?


Justin Evans said...

No advice you don't already have in your head.

Let your passion show through.

Don't hold back on your paersonal connection to the material---aside from the obvious one.

Fair, but firm. Don't let the kids push you into a corner for the chance to 'be cool.'

barbara jane said...

no teaching advice but i may ask you for some when i start teaching next semester.

also, have you read alejandro murguia's this war called love? it's a personal fave of mine.

good luck. i am sure you will rawk.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Sounds like good news, Eduardo---congrats!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

watch out for those Lesniak types...

Anonymous said...

Mira, guey, you've already picked some good books, and that's a good beginning. Now, let the words/voices from your community resonate. As hard as it may be, let the big issues in the work ripple to the top on their own rather than impose them on young minds.

Xicano in Exhile

Sheryl said...

Thank you Eduardo.

Emmy said...

Cool. I'm teaching Sheryl's book too.