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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bits (for Jared Sterk)

Look: Lorna blogs for the Poetry Foundation all this week. She's going to talk about flarf?! Remember, Lorna: I'm the original flarfist.
Casa Libre has now posted photographs of their fab suites. This suite is my favorite. Wait, this one is also amazing. Hold on! This suite is perfect. I can't make up my mind. Apply for a residency.
The minds behind the Laureate Prize for Poetry are now sponsoring a book contest. Have mercy, Lord! Hey poets: win this contest and your tome will instantly join Harmonium and A Working Girl Can't Win in the canon. Immortality! I'm just kidding, of course. The minds behind this book contest aren't promising immortality. This time. Apparently, they can only pick out canon fodder a poem at a time. I would rather eat rat droppings then win this contest.
Two interviews: Corn Shake and Justin Evans--scroll down a bit for Justin.
Jared likes this poem.


Anonymous said...

Damn me--but that Jared has great taste.

Justin Evans said...


Thank you for spreading the words about the interview. It's much appreciated.

I first encountered Mei Mei (as if we know each other) by way of The Before Columbus Foundation Book Award Anthology. I really do enjoy these long lines.

cornshake said...

those suites are so funky (and i mean that in the good way). thanks 4 the shout out too.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

We all have things we get unreasonably worked up about...

Anonymous said...

What's with your nasty attitude toward The National Poetry Review? Is the problem that we solicited you once, many moons ago, but didn't like what you sent? If I remember correctly, I told you that you could send more. Don't be so resentful. We've published lots of great work, and our book contest winner is excellent, *and* we're publishing two other deserving manuscripts. You're right. We are such villains.

CJ Sage