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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Collections, Fetishes, & Obsessions: One Final Call for Submissions

We are looking for five or six more poets for our anthology
tentatively titled Collections, Fetishes, & Obsessions. This
anthology will be a showcase of poets who often return to the
same themes, subject matter, or imagery across a body of work.
We have already accepted a large number of outstanding poets
from an overwhelming response to our first call for work late
last year. Right now as we finish the manuscript and begin sending off
proposals to publishers, we are interested in finding five or six
additional poets whose writing focuses on one or more of the
following categories:

1) a specific actor or actress
2) a specific singer or song
3) a specific writer or artist, or a specific text or artistic work
by a writer or artist
4) a specific name-brand item
5) a specific place
6) a specific televison show or movie
7) a specific fictional character
8) a particular kind of food

Please do NOT send us poems about lost or unrequited love,
death, motherhood, lust, sex, racism, feminism, home, the environment,
the moon, animals, or alcoholism (unless they somehow relate
to the eight categories listed above). These were the most
popular topics we received in response to our first call for
submissions, and we've got those bases covered. The quirkier,
funnier, more bizarre, or more specific your particular obsession
in your work, the better your chances of being included in our project.

Please also remember that we are most interested in a things
that appear over and over again across a wide body of work. We
don't necessarily want to see the only 3 poems you've ever written
about Archie Bunker.

Poets who are accepted will be asked later to also contribute
a 300-500 word essay that discusses why their poetic obsession is
important to them, their work, and the larger context of contemporary
American poetry.

Please send 5-7 of your best poems in one attached document
(.doc, .rtf, and .txt formats are fine--please do NOT copy and
paste your work in the body of an e-mail, as this makes printing
more difficult), along with a short note about yourself, to Stephen
Powers & Michalene Mogensen at: powers@uwm.edu.

(E-mail submissions only this time, unless you query first for a
postal address. The postal address listed in last year's call for
submissions is no longer valid.)

DEADLINE: August 1st.

1 comment:

Zachary Jean said...

Hey stranger! Have you filled your anthology up yet? For two years I wrote bitchy nursing sonnets about the joys of changing adult diapers and other delights ... but before that I spent a long time writing about a shark girl ghost with big bites taken out of her ... and before that Saint Federico kept visiting me in dreams to complain that he wasn 't as fabulous as Saint Sebastian, though they were both shot full of holes.

Could you use any of these obsessions?