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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

$35 Bits

I don't really live in a town called Tumbleweed. Geez.
I'm still reeling from the Cyndi Lauper/Alan Cummings performance on the Tonys this past Sunday. I love that woman! I often close my eyes while she's singing and I can see her voice rising from my speakers, like curls of foil.
Emmy Pérez has a blog. Rejoice.
Is this blog gay enough?
Other bloggers have been dissing Tupelo Press's $35 reading fee. I don't think it's too much. Here's why:

One: I don't mind supporting the production of other books. Tupelo Press publishes some of the most beautiful books in the business. Plus, I like their commitment to diversity.

Two: the promised short critique is very inviting. Poets are hungry for any kind of attention. Any! Though I'm curious how "short" these critiques will be? A paragraph? Two sentences? A smiley face?

Three: I'm a newbie! I've never sent my full-length collection out before. My soul is free of bitterness! I wonder how long that will last? I haven't experienced the pain of writing check after check for first book contests. I haven't experienced the pain of being a finalist time after time. Oh boy, this is going to be fun!


Diane K. Martin said...

Hi Eduardo-

I always enjoy your posts and your unique perspective!

As someone who sent to Tupelo's July open submission last year, when it was equally pricey and no short critique was offered, I have mixed feelings. Especially since I was told in October that my ms. was being seriously considered--and then no email of mine was answered until the end of the year, when I was told how deserving my ms. was, etc., but no....

So, among other things, I'm wondering how they're going to manage so many critiques, when last year the system didn't work even w/o them.

Still, I haven't counted it out this year. Call me pathetic and desperate.


Anonymous said...

Levine's critiques go something like this:

Nice manuscript. Let's see what it would look like with your pants off.

David said...

I'll take some profanity, please.