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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Crush: Jimmy Santiago Baca

Look at this fine macho! Where have I been? I adore his work, especially the first three books, but I've never noticed how handsome he is. What a kissable face!

Jimmy, I like red chile on my eggs.


Francisco Aragon said...

Eduardo: I don't know how many people caught this, but on the final episode of The West Wing recently, where Jimmy Smits is being installed as President, there is a scene where his staff is going over the agenda of the inauguration, and at one point, a staffer says something like, "...And then there will be a poem read by Jimmy Santiago Baca..."

Tony said...

He also wrote the screenplay for and acts in "Blood In, Blood Out" aka "Bound By Honor."

JSB was the first "contemporary" poet I ever read.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Ha! Right on. If he dreamt up Milkweed from "Blood in Blood" he is genius.

Anonymous said...

For the facts on Jimmy Santiago Baca...visit my blog!

Donald Apodaca said...

Jimmmy Santiago Baca, did not create Blood in Blood Out! for more insight visit my blog.