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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I was this close to using the term Heteroglossia as the title for my newest poem. Yikes!
Richard Hatch gets four years in jail. I bet he drops the soap.
Don't forget about the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award:

A first book of poems will be selected for publication from an open
competition of manuscripts POSTMARKED MAY 15, 2006 through JULY 1,
2006. (Since this is a postmark deadline, there is no need to send
Express Mail, Fedex, or UPS. First Class or Priority Mail are preferred.) Manuscripts should be 50-75 pages of original poetry, in English,
by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has neither published,
nor committed to publish, a volume of poetry 48 pages or more in
length in an edition of over 500 copies* (individual poems may have
been previously published). (*Current students and employees of
Southern Illinois University and authors published by Southern
Illinois University Press are not eligible.) The winner will
receive a publication contract with Southern Illinois University
Press, and will be awarded a $1000 prize. The winner will also
receive $1500 as an honorarium for a reading at Southern Illinois
University at Carbondale
Congrats on your graduation, Julie!
I miss Diana's posts. I even miss The Donkey.
Three poems: Aaron Smith.
Every new poem is like finding a new bride. Words are so erotic; they never
tire of their coupling

Stanley Kunitz
I'm behind on buying books by bloggers. I need to buy these soon:
Becoming the Villainess
A Mnemonic for Desire
I'm moving back to Arizona in June.
Bones: Sheryl Luna.
Post Road is a good journal. Submit.

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