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Monday, May 08, 2006


Are you a resident of NYC? Whoopee. Good for you! Do you want a prize or something? I'm not giving you one. But tomorrow you can go hear the winners of this year's "Discovery"/The Nation Award read. The winners are: Nicky Beer, Eric Leigh, Shara Lessley and Sandy Tseng. Yeah!

Time: 8:15PM
Location: 92nd Street Y, Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street.
I miss my meadow.
I'm going to miss The Donkey's comments. NOT! The Donkey was Diana's Cholojoto.
Happy Birthday, Sean Hill!

Oh my meadow!
I left behind two coats and a scarf at my studio!
Would you eat a chocolate bar named Montezuma's Revenge? Yuck. The bars come in white, milk and dark chocolate. I'm going to puke.

The editors of The Backwaters Press are pleased to invite you to submit
your best poems for consideration in an anthology of contemporary Nebraska
poetry tentatively titled Nebraska Presence: The State of Poetry. This
collection will afford readers across the state and the nation a view
of Nebraska’s richly diverse poetic voices at twenty-first century’s

Authors may submit up to ten pages of poetry. Please include a brief
(no more than 100-word) biography and publication acknowledgements
with your submission.

Editors will select a total of three pages from the ten submitted for
each poet chosen to be represented in the anthology.

To be eligible for inclusion in Nebraska Presence, poets must have work
published in at least one major publication, or have published at least
one chapbook by a non-vanity press.

The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2006. Final selections will be
made by December 31, 2006. We expect the anthology’s arrival in the
fall of 2007 in time for the Nebraska Book Festival.

All submissions must be on paper and must be mailed to:

Mary K. Stillwell, Editor
Nebraska Presence
908 Elmwood Avenue.
Lincoln, NE 68510-3320


Paul said...

Wow, "adult" fantasies. My goodness. I had no idea!

Collin said...

Welcome back, Eduardo!

Anonymous said...

Your meadow misses you too, Eduardo. All is dark & gloomy (though not just because of your departure). The wild turkeys have decamped. We are building an ark, planning to float out to sea as soon as the rain stops.