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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Television: Stops Serotonin Uptake

Okay. This hasn't been proven. But it sounds correct.

Today, after editing an essay for 6 hours (I'm worried about my skills) I decided to give myself a break and watch some television.

Nothing but horrible, horrible things. Most of them have to do with women & children. I didn't watch television for a few years, and actually haven't purchased one for about 8 years (boyfriends & boy friends can't take it that I don't have one, so they usually end up buying/giving me one). I stopped because everytime I turned on the television it was a story about a child being hurt (horribly, most of the time).

I'm not sure if it's better to just not listen to the news/programs, or if It's a way of hiding the truth from myself.

On another note, my blogging escapade is coming to an end. Word is that Eduardo will be back, I'm sure in full force, sometime later next week.

The price for flights to California are hella expensive...

An ex-teacher bashed the F out of Columbia in this published essay: Columbia's Newspaper The Spectator

Like 2 people have emailed me about it. My response, there is this thing called the internet and there are many websites devoted to MFA bashing. If you remove Columbia's name from the essay, I'm sure you could replace it with any ol' MFA program. I have some other thoughts on this, but since, like I mentioned above, I'm so tired, I'm going to stop here.

I had a party at my house Tuesday night and there is about 40 Yuelings on my desk. Anybody want a beer?

Thinking of Lombardi's pizzeria...

Read recently that the burrito I order at Chipotle (barbacoa) is like 1300 calories...

Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm not obsessed with The Soup Man anymore. My love ended today when I walked in to buy soup and asked to sample two different flavors (to decide which one I wanted) and the girl told me the tasting limit is 1. What???? A really small bowl is like 8 bucks. Who is their PR person??? They made a mistake in making that law up. They've just lost a customer. And I'm a scorpio so I'll probably never go there again.

Okay, I know the link to the "scorpio sign" was cheesy, but since I only have circa another week of blogging I might as well get really ridiculous.


Stuart Greenhouse said...

Damn, that's some article. Ouch.

Sheryl said...


I hope you start your own blog!


Suzanne said...

Yes, what Sheryl said, me too!

jenni said...

Yes, your own blog!

I know what you mean about TV. I can't watch the news at all. It just depresses me. It really, truly does. Ignorance is bliss. Besides, I don't need to watch TV to know that this world is really fucked up.

I'm going to go read this essay on Columbia now.