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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Cleanin, Rain, What Shuts NYC Down, & The Problem with the new Position of My Computer Near The Window

Last night, Amanda Pennelly, fiction writer, helped me begin my Spring Cleanin/Apartment Renovation project. This morning I continued and have (so far) collected a stack of papers (that I don't/didn't need) that comes up to my knees. I'm not exaggerating!

Some things I can't throw out: A movie stub from Bonnie & Clyde in Berlin. And museum stubs I have from Europe. I LOVE going to the movies in different states/countries. People I've traveled with are annoyed with this. Especially when I wanted to go to the movies in Vegas.

On a sidenote, I was sad to know that I missed this while I was in Vienna. But then again, who knew that Austria posessed Motecuzhoma's Headress. I guess I should have figured Mexico's biggest treasures would be in Europe. Remember the conquest? Apparently there's hope Mexico will get it back.

Rain, Rain, Rain, is what shuts NYC down. I tried to venture out last night to Joe's Shangai (ridiculous dumplings) and like 5 subways were not working, and the ones that were took like 20/40 minutes to arrive. They seem to always stop certain lines on the weekends. Why??? In the end, multiple slices of pepperoni & Stella at Lombardis Pizzeria rescued me from falling into a pit of despair. Better then Patsys, and definitely competing with Grimaldis in Brooklyn.

Decided not to leave the house today. Still raining. And more to come.

Now that my desk faces the window I get to feel guilty as many joggers pass below in the rain. I give them credit, they are way determined.

On the tele: Food Network's Sandra Lee is making churros. Right on. When my parents would ship me to Mexico for the summer with my grandparents ( I was like 10) the best part of waking up would be the Churro Man who'd show up to the front door with a half barrel of lard, sizzling, and ready to fry up the pretzled batter. It was like 10 American cents for a 3000 calorie paper bag full of Mexican donut.

BTW: Russell, I wasn't kidding about the Tequila or Stoli Vodka. Show up with it, or else!


A. D. said...

Still a big treasure, I'm not sure it's actually Motecuhzoma's headdress:

As a gift, Moctezuma specifically sent Cortés treasures of Quetzalcoatl. One item of those treasures, the headdress of the statue of Quetzalcoatl, is now in Vienna, mislabeled as the "headress of Moctezuma" ("El retorno de Quetzalcoatl," Arqueologia mexicana, February 2002). (via wiki)

I miss the rain in New York, umbrellas left everwhere.

Collin said...

I also love going to movies in other cities...esp. in Europa. I save all my stubs in a scrapbook. Don't let anyone make you throw them out or stop you from going. It's a very interesting experience.

I just got back from San Antonio and Austin. It was 100 in San Antone half the week. I'd prefer the rain.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Hmm. That's fishy. Then why would Mexico write that it is in the letter? The British Museum even has a link on their site that takes you the museum, stating this is where M's headress is at. But I get you. The British museum has some stuff they say Moctezuma gave to Cortez, and I guess we'll never know.

Since It's 70/30. I'll take the longshot!

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Collin, I hope you're not vegetarian and had the pleasure of eating lots of meat stacked burritos! But if you are vegetarian, at least you get to sample tortilla (which I love).

A. D. said...

fishy for sure—history being all twisty and such.

a petition for its return is online here: deliberate.com/aztec

only a sad 264 signatures right now it seems, before mine.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

a.d., sad indeed. Even the little bird on the website looks sad...

Collin said...

Not a vegetarian and ate WAY too many Tex-Mex goodies. There goes my diet...again. :)