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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Rumor is Confirmed

Okay, this photo was taken during my high school realm, so don't rag on the attire & coif. I was at Magic Mountain for gawd's sake!

I've bragged about this pic for a long time and decided to pull it out of the Delgado Archive to prove this picture with ( ? ) was not a fictitious event.

To many, this guy is (was) way famous. Who is he?


Cesar said...

Eazy, man. Eazy E. Wow.

Cesar said...

Eazy, man. Eazy E. Wow.

Diana Marie Delgado said...


True, not false. This pic was & is my claim to fame. This photo is circa 92 or 93. I spotted Eric and asked him If I could take a pic with him. He was totally cool about it.

Tupac_da_dogg said...

We want Eazy! Eazy! We want Eazy!

From a brother who`s smooth like a criminal
I mean subliminal
Otherwise known as a villain
Because I`m ruthless
When I spot a sucka, I kill `em
But most I think know not to deal with me
Yo, it`s obvious, tell `em who you came to see

PeezyPea said...

Diana Delgado is always hard,
you come talkin that trash & she'll pull your card
knowin nothin in lyfe, but to be legit
don't quote me boy:
I ain't sayin' shit.