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Friday, April 28, 2006

MacDowell Bits

I only have six full days left at MacDowell. Double sigh. I love MacDowell. Your art matters here. Correction: my art matters here.
Have I bragged about my studio? Wait to you see the pictures. But let me try to paint a picture: heated slate floors, a loft, deep bathtub in my bedroom, gorgeous shower, amazing windows, huge fireplace and THREE writing desks.

I'm going to miss MacDowell. But enough sadness! I've picked up a lot of gossip. Most of it, of course, I can't talk about on my blog. Who wants to be sued? I don't! I'm such a tease.
Okay, okay. I'll tell you one harmless tidbit. Ben Lerner is not a homo. Nope. Sorry to break the news, boys. Ben Lerner is a happy heterosexual. Doesn't that raised eyebrow just scream happy heterosexual?
Every day for the past two weeks a small herd of deer have been grazing in front of my studio.
New crush: Nick Laird. Sexy as hell. But he's married to Zadie Smith. Boo!
I saw a woodchuck!
I love making fires in my fireplace. I really like the scent of woodsmoke.
The meadow in front of my studio (yes, I've got a meadow in front of my studio. don't you?) is so green right now.
I need to update some of my links. I need to add this handsome man to my blogroll. Morgan, are you happy to see me, or is that a saguaro in your pants?
Right now (1:39AM) I'm doing my laundry. My undies and shirts are in the dryer as I type.
Justin Evans: thank you for the letters.


jenni said...

I have a meadow too. The deer visit sometimes and it's nice. We don't have woodchucks but we do have cute little beavers and a stream. Glad to hear you've had an enriching experience.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Fireplaces & Deer. You can't ask 4 more.

Anne said...

Ohhhhh, I want the gossip! We'll all chip in & bail you out if you get thrown in the clinker for slander. ;)

Seriously, it sounds like you've had a wonderful time. Hooray!

Peter said...

Eduardo: so good to hear from you. Hope you wrote many new poems. Even some with deer in them.
I want to get the gossip!

jeannine said...

Eduardo - also glad you are home! I'm with Peter - dish dish dish! I'm so jealous - it sounds like the residency was wonderful!