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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Best New Poets 2006

The Open Competition for Best New Poets 2006 is underway. Entry fee: $8. Deadline: June 15, 2006, midnight.

Best New Poets is a new, annual anthology that features 50 poems from emerging writers (poets who have not yet published a book-length collection). The 50 poems are selected from a pool of nominations from literary magazines, writing programs, and our Open Competition.

Open Competition entrants pay an $8 reading fee, receive at least one reading of their work (most receive several), and receive a copy of the anthology in the mail. Two Open Competition entrants also earn $200 cash prizes for their outstanding work. We guarantee that we will publish at least two entrants from the Open Competition, though we expect to publish many more. In 2005, 24 of our 50 poets came from Open Competition entries.

Good luck!


nate said...

Congrats on your nomination from Three Candles, Eduardo!

Radish King said...

This makes me happy. I really don't know your poetry but it makes me happy because you're an interesting person. Interesting people have a better chance of writing interesting poetry than not interesting people.