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Friday, March 17, 2006

Who Got Lucky At AWP?

Inquiring minds want to know who I kissed & which poet picked his/her nose. Unfortunately that was E. who posted this, not me.

Since I'm semi on the subject of kissing. Let's talk about this.

To do so I'll have to reference the poet David Welch. He & his friends found a note at the AWP that said:

awp, where unfortunate looking people get laid for their grammar skills.

HILARIOUS, right? The problem is my grammar skills suck & my pronunciation is even worse (at times). Is this the reason why my play was nil to nada at the AWP?

Did you lock lips with anyone? I would love to hear & I'm sure others would love a good read. You could totally post anononymously. I like to live vicariously through others (it's a problem). And I know this is like 5 weeks after the AWP in NY time but humor me.


Tupac_da_dogg said...

I should have went. Would have put the mac on.


early hours of sky said...

I have serious gossip about Stanely Kunitz last lay but I am not telling and I so want a t-shirt thats says the above to wear to the next AWP.

God that would be fun....

Anonymous said...

i did i did
i did i did!
I did


david said...

i have found the note in question. we thought it was misplaced but we were wrong...now if i can only get to a scanner.

Diana Marie Delgado said...
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