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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What I Found on an LA Times Newsboard

Photo by Jennifer Woodward-Maderazo

It's just too many Illegals in america and we need to do something before it gets totally out of control.

These illegals have 3 babies each within the first 6 months they enter america and that severly drains our resources.

Illegals won't stop when they kill you from a car accident the first thing they do is drive off to get away.

We cannot support the overwhelming flood of illegals to come to live on welfare because they can get it here and not in mexico.

These roaming illegal aliens should be deported or america will have bands of illegal aliens criminals desperate to survive and prone to crime for survival.

America is not mexico and should not be treated as if it is mexico by allowing bands of illegals to just illegally jump the fence to act as if they are citizens when we don't know who these people are and where they come from.

Thre freeways are strained from increased traffic, the streets are crammed due to increased mexicans driving many without licenses and the kids od illegals driving now.

The calif population is about to get crazy with this overwhelming population explosion of illegals.

We need real legislation to stop this problem and not allow illegal aliens to no free money or government services with the general population.

For the illegals we have to deal with now there should be a immigrant hospital especially created for them so they can be separate from the general population due to risk of foreign sicknesses or diseases that we cannot contain.

It's a health risk also because many could bring diseases that could not be stopped because we can't control immigration.

It's a problem that needs to be fixed thankfully the government is only 20 years too late and not more.


These are "Donnell's" thoughts on Immigration in America. At least he's got one thing right, America is not Mexico. American tacos are hella bad compared to the barbacoa tacos I've downed in my family's hometown of Nayarit, Mexico. Chhhow!!!!!!


Ginger Heatter said...

Sickening. I happened to be flipping through radio stations on my way home from school today and heard a conservative talk show host suggest--really, you're not going to believe this. He suggested that in order to "earn" citizenship, illegal immigrants should be required to work once a week for a year in the homes of tax-paying American citizens "shining shoes, cleaning house, or doing our taxes (some of them are pretty smart, you know!)" END QUOTE. I'm lucky I didn't have an accident, I was so angry. EVERY politician talking immigration reform right now KNOWS these kinds of bigots are influencing public opinion on the issue, and they are quite happy to benefit from it while vehemently denying their own racist motives. It's outrageous. Plain outrageous.

Tupac_da_dogg said...

Where is the love?


Diana Marie Delgado said...

Yeah, because I'm such a demure girl, I erased my initial expletives. I'm pissed, and happy that people are marching & getting involved. Does anyone know of any upcoming marches in NYC? Or maybe,it's mostly the border states that are activating.

david said...

personally, i'm impressed that "illegals [have the ability to] have 3 babies each within the first 6 months they enter america"

seriously, that's some impressive manipulation of the human reproductive process


i can't listen to/watch the news anymore unless it's from the bbc. i become far too irritated with the irreverant pap of the contemporary pundit opinion

good lord