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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Uncanny, Aura & Brugge, Belgium

Last summer, I went to an art show in Brugge, Belgium (BTW: It's true. They do have the best beer in Belgium.) The show focused on risk, sex, freedom, & the body. While there, I could not stop looking at this photo.

I found the photo shocking & interesting & disarming & familiar. The photo reminded me of Freud's essay, The Uncanny. Go **here** if you'd like to read more about The Uncanny. The basics of what Freud says is that The Uncanny is a species of the familiar. What is hidden. What we are afraid of only because we know it.

If you look closely at the photo you can see my reflection in the glass.

A good example of the uncanny in literature is Carlos Fuentes' 2nd person novella, Aura. If you haven't read this book you should. I'd list the reasons but that would take the fun out of you reading the book and coming up with your own reasons.


Tupac_da_dogg said...

Now we're talking! Just like how a dog should have it. Straight on the mouth. Ruff!


Diana Marie Delgado said...
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Charles said...

I'm happy to see you use the Flemish spelling here.

Xiquita said...

Hey Loca, I wanted to say que soy "fans" en plural (as Agrado says in Todo Sobre Mi Madre) of your blog esa. That photo is great. Do you read any Carl Jung? (I am not a fan of Freud)

Diana Marie Delgado said...

I've read excerpts of Jung, but never an entire text. I do believe he wrote the book on symbols & dreams.

Yeah, not everyone is a fan of Freud. He pisses a lot of people off. But I like it. I think that's what thinkers are supposed to do.

& Of course, I don't agree with much of what he has to say, but I like the shake-up he did for psychology/psychoanalysis/society.

Whimsy said...

I lived outside of Amsterdam for a couple of years, and all I remember about Brugge was the lacework. Good to know they do other things.