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Monday, March 20, 2006

(S)curry In A Hurry

Review: Royal Kabob & Curry

Slow and forgetful service, cheesy music, tacky posters and exorbitant prices-- the food would have to be pretty amazing to make up for it. Instead it only contributed to our feeling that the cesspool of a Las Vegas hotel featuring an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet had somehow backed up onto my plate.

My mango lassi never came. Ditto the additional naan I was connived into ordering by the waiter. They are using a "special" recipe--leftover Chinese rice from the place next door. It wasn't Basmati. I'm not even sure it was rice. And since when is naan Indian Fry Bread? It was non-naan. And has anyone ever eaten cold chicken tandoori? I'd say I have, but given how old & gamey the little leg tasted I think it might have been pigeon.

(Review Cowritten by Diana Marie Delgado & Adam L. Dressler)


Tupac_da_dogg said...

Are you saying this was dog food? Hook me up!


david said...

ouch. if i've one thing to say for the cultural vitality of tuscaloosa, it's that at least we have a solid indian eatery.