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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Responses to Comments Left to My AWP Hussies Unite Post

Gary: Please come up and introduce yourself. It will be a pleasure to shake your hand. Wait, you're not coming. Next time?

C. Dale: You might be the blogger I most want to meet. Or it might the other gay doctor. Or it could be...

Charles: Yes, I'm full of it.

Collin: Too bad you're not coming. We'd get along famously.
You: Pam Grier. Me: a Colt .45

Corn Shake: pink squirrels, fuzzy navels, beer, street run-off--I don't care what we drink as long as we toast together. I'm so mushy on Sundays!

Diana: I'm so over myself. If you only knew...

David: People who take my blog posts seriously need to check their heads. I like BWR. In fact, BWR published one of my best poems. BWR is dead, long live BWR!

Lorna: I can't wait to break bread with you. Are you bringing your infamous bird rattle?

Mary: I'm so there. Hardly no MFA students? Sounds like heaven.

Anonymous: Snobby? Me? How can I be snobby dressed from head-to-toe in Old Navy? Do tell. And I don't recall being a snob as an MFA student. I was too stunned by disappointment to function.

Simmons: Yes, you're going to be pretty lonely at your table not because you suck but because people at AWP are only interested in the big names. Ass kissers! I'll try to drop by and say hi. Though I hope I'm wrong and you're mobbed by groupies.

And apparently, I am the only one who wants to give Adam Clay head.


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Hey, Eduardo! Thanks for the reminder to bring the rattle. I think I would have forgotten.

Sorry, but here's the comment i just wrote further down, so people can see it.
Hey all, I'm thinking of hosting a poets/ po'bloggers meet & greet wednesday evening at the Tavern at Townlake Holiday Inn. Maybe 6-7:30 or 8? It's on the river, there's a lot of grass & picnic area outside, & the bats come out from the underpasses at dusk. It's not real close to the convention center, but not far either. It's one of the AWP hotels, a lot of the publishers will staying there, as will I.

I was just thinking that it would be nice to meet everyone before the main events & everyone gets scattered. I was holding off, since I might get an invite to the editors/publishers gathering that night. But it might be nice to carve out a little poets' corner in one of the hotels for before and after connections -- especially PO'BLOGGERS! YEA! Po'Bloggers UNITE!

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Quote:Yes, you're going to be pretty lonely at your table not because you suck but because people at AWP are only interested in the big names.

Well, if you include my middle name, my name is pretty big: Simmons Bancroft Buntin.

But I gather that's not what you mean...!