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Friday, March 03, 2006

Notebook Page

C. Dale is inviting bloggers to share a page of their notebooks. Never say no to a doctor. Here's the latest page of my current notebook. It's a draft of a poem I'm working on titled "To a Jornalero."

What's a "jornalero?" A day laborer. Some years ago I was driving past a house and I noticed a jornalero was cleaning out the garage. I slowed down enough to watch him take out a few things. The last thing I saw him take out was a French horn. A simile came to me: a man holding a French horn in his arms like a butcher in El Dorado holding the golden entrails of cattle.

Click on page to enlarge it.

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jenni said...


did you scan this? i dont have a scanner. boo-hoo.