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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Last Night’s Dream

Today, while doing random things last night’s dream kept coming back to me.

I was at some sort of lake resort. In the middle of the lake was this huge piece of stone floating in the water. It was big. It was like a small round island. Around the stone was a water platform where a man pushed people standing on the platform around the circular stone. The stone looked like a huge molcajete without the concaveness.

The man pushed through the water with a long stick. Kind of Venetian style. I couldn’t see who the people were, but they wore colorful clothing. I saw this from a window of a room I was looking to rent.

Among other things, a lot of my dreams have to do with water: a rising tide, a flowing river, the surf touching my feet, me floating in a huge tidal wave, a house sinking in water.

Dreams are fascinating. Freud argued that dreams are wish fulfillment. That dreams our are anxieties laid bare. He also said our biggest anxieties play out in our nightmares. Dreams are the unconscious laid bare.


Sheryl said...

I read somewhere that water imagery is prevalent in women's poetry. My grandmother told me last night on the phone that she dreamed the whole world was destroyed, and she walked barefoot on the sand until she came to a glittering, beautiful lit rock and began to climb. Then, finally she saw a green path, but she suddenly awoke, and the image of the flourishing path keeps her happy.
For some reason, I think this is her way of telling me she will be okay, or telling herself of that. She hasn't been feeling well and she's 93, yet somehow finding importance and significance in the dream world. Your dreams are very unique! But I couldnt' help seeing some similar things: stone, water etc. to what she said, and I taped recorded her telling this story and I'm glad about that. Maybe it is good to stay in the dream after all as a poet or at least remember them.

Diana Marie Delgado said...


Thanks for sharing. My grandmother just turned 93 on March 16. I guess we have that in common. My grandmother grew up in Chavez Ravine and is feisty as ever. I'm jealous that you can talk to your grandma on the phone. Mine just yells at me to come back to California!

About the water. It's funny because there is one dream that I will always remember. It had do with me sitting on a bridge, fishing. In the dream the sun is reflecting a white light off the water. I feel warm and utterly at piece and happy. I feel safe. Okay, maybe that's too much into my psyche but I just wanted to share with you how water is both good and bad in my dreams.

Anonymous the Younger said...

For me, water is good and bad as well. WS Merwin uses the image too much, perhaps, but his peices explore this concept beautifully. Also, The Thin Red Line plays around with this idea, heavily. Opening with a line about the Dark Waters, then showing soldiers, shortly after combat, bathing in water. Water runs throughout the movie and is one of the main symbollic elements.
When I was little I would wake in terror after dreaming of water: a wall of rolling water overtaking me, or a recurring dream where I beat off a shark with a bat after an entire night of terror, being underwater and surrounded by sharks. Now I dream of water differently: peaceful, I replay the one time I did swim with sharks, I replay images I've seen of water that have struck me - but now I dream of water as only good. Watch, tonight I'll have another water nightmare, the first in years, just because I've said this.

rey said...

I think some believe that the symbol of water represents the subconsciousness.

Have you read any Carlos Castaneda? (see The Art of Dreaming)>>> I forget what he says about water... but it is probably something very interesting.

Diana Marie Delgado said...


Yup. I've read Carlos, just not that book. Going to check it out. Maybe it will bring me some insight.