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Monday, March 27, 2006

Indiana Review Latina/o Summer Issue Reading

I'll be reading in Bloomington, Indiana on April 6 at 7:30 to promote Indiana Review's forthcoming Latina/o Issue. I'll post more details once I receive them.

Two of my poems The Sea is Farther Than Thought & In the Romantic Longhand of the Night will appear in this issue.

Excited about heading there. I've never been to Indiana.


Anne said...

Hey! I'm in Bloomington, Indiana. Please be sure to post details. I don't think I have anything else going on April 6 so I will try to get there.

The rest of Indiana can bite me, but Bloomington is a very nice place. :)

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Cool deal. Totally come. So far, where it's going to be is tentative (the chemistry building?). But I'll be sure to post so you can come by.

Francisco Aragon said...

Hi Diana:
So sorry I didn't get a chance to say Hello to you in Austin.
We were in the same space but never actually in the same space--especially that night at Dona Emilia's. Congratulations on your publication in the Indiana Review.
Man, if it were any other day, I'd make the trip down:
but that night, Paul Martinez Pompa, Michelle Otero,
and Brenda Cardenas are reading in the Regis Philbin Studio Theatre ("the Black Box") at the Performing Arts Center at Notre Dame at a Momotombo Press event. Maria Melendez, Rich Yanez, who's flying in from EP, and I are doing the Intros. Yes, do post the details of your reading regardless. At some point, I'd love to see whatever book manuscript you're working on.
All the best, Francisco

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Gracias, Franciso. & Congrats on the Fab reading you have set up. If you have time, send the info and I'll post it on the blog.

By the way, I'm impressed. Regis Philbin. As in Regis & Kathy Lee.