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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AWP: Mucho To Tell

Okay. I think this pic says it all. Raul Salinas & I. So much to tell but here is an attempt at some highlights.

Touching Joy Harjo's awesome tattooed hand Hugging Lorna Dee Cervantes at the Wings Press Table (she is my all-time inspiration & the reason why I even started writing)

Watching a muskrat pose beneath a picnic table while my friend Amanda and I screamed (compliments of the Hi-Hostel in Austin) Drinking cabernet with Rigoberto Gonzalez Forgetting my credit card at Raul Salinas' bookstore: Resistencia Forgeting my ATM pin code (!) Wearing cowboy boots & a hat to Dagoberto Gilb's Party Meeting up with the poet David Welch for free drinks at the Embassy Suites Arguing with the journalist Russel Contreras about "brisket" (I ordered a brisket burrito and realized a Tejas brisket burrito has liquid smoke in it Reading for Con Tinta at Dona Emilia's and being urged by Raul Salinas to cuss out the crowd because they weren't paying attention to me Meeting other MFA students during my panel (along with Tony Diaz, Amanda Pennelly & Russell Contreras about getting more students of color into MFA Programs) Meeting Tony Diaz & his beautiful wife and chatting about how Nuestra Palabra's movement is now institutionalizated at Columbia University's MFA Program OUR WORD Talking with Sandra Cisneros & other Macondistas Meeting Liana Lopez & Brian Parra of Nuestra Palabra

Thanks Con Tinta for inviting me to read! I can't wait for next year's fiesta. See ya'll in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

Diana, You rocked the C/T Celebration Cali-style!

Anonymous said...

Yo D,

Sorry I couldn't make it out this year. You know how it goes. Next year, I'll try to visit you, one on one. Heard your reading was awesome (even though there was a terrible crowd).

Jame Baldwin

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for you to ride me...but you never showed. Next time, cowgirl.

The Horse

Anonymous said...

When you put me on you, I wrapped myself around and never wanted to let go. It was so warm. Let's do it again, sometime, in New York City. I don't care if it's in the subway, Morningside Park, a workshop, at the bagel shop around the corner. I love me on you.

The Cowgirl Hat

Tupac_da_dogg said...

Show us the cowgirl photo. We need to see proof. Cowgirl poets are hot.

Anonymous said...

Get on me, next time in Texas. I dare you.

The Bull

Anonymous said...

Sorry I misspelled my name. These new computers are weird.

James Baldwin

Anonymous said...


Sorry we disrespected you during the reading. You should have cursed us out. Good thing your friend caught it on audio. Put it on a CD and sell it.

The Crowd from Austin

Diana Marie Delgado said...


Thanks for the clarification. For awhile there I thought you were Jaime Baldwin,
a lesser known latino writer, who titled his book Jesus'Room, in honor of your OG book Giovani's Room.

César said...

I had a blast meeting people. would've loved to been at those party-meet ups, ay haber maybe Atlanta. Ojala para ese tiempo I'll be at an MFA.