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Thursday, March 16, 2006

At War With Brisket Baby

Yo, this photo is for anonymous. Otherwise known as "Brisket Baby."

I wish I could say it's the photo. But I look really short in the pic. Problem is most days I feel like I'm 5 feet with a 10.

On another note. Today is my grandmother's 93rd B-day! I'd like to give a shout out to a woman who was born in the 1900's and is still rocking her La Puente house & local senior center in lipstick & a full head of hair. Way to go Onecima! I tried to scan a pic of her at 17 (she was a hot Momma but my scanner contraption is way rickety).

I'd like to harass Brisket Baby a little more If you'll grant me the pleasure. I fought with him in Austin because this eatery served me a burrito with beef marinated in liquid smoke & bbq sauce. Gross! Brisket Baby then insisted that that the smoky protein mishap was exactly what"Brisket"was. I insisted it was a designation for a cut of beef, and not a designation for beef swimming in bbq salsa. I still think I'm right. Actually I know I'm right. Check this out: Brisket.

If anyone knows me to be incorrect, other than Anonymous, do set me straight. I enjoy being correct versus right.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "brisket" at a Texas barbeque does actually turn out to be something resembling my mother's beef stew meat but drenched, as you say, in liquid smoke and bbq sauce. Hrmph. Texas barbeque indeed. The only correct barbeque is pulled pork, obviously...

oscar said...

not to be all latino-centric, but why is there talk of bricket yet no mention of LECHON or even PERNIL?

pernil being a variation of pulled pork. i think it would go great with some vinegar based bbq sauce.

hugs & cholesterol,

Anonymous said...

I think this posting is very regionalist, and I am deeply offended. I detect a bit of California hegemonic attitude here. People have a right to cook and prepare brisket as their they families have done for centuries. And since ALL Chicanos came from Texas, Texas brisket is brisket at its roots. c/s

The Bull

Anonymous said...

Hey Bull,

Calm down. But you are right. Texas brisket is the best. And people who call it "strange" are merely exoticizing it. It's sort of like Chicanos back on the West Coast acting as if Southern Cal is the Capitol of Aztlan...when all of California is just a suburb of Texas.

The Longhorn

Tupac_da_dogg said...

I still think Diana is hot and a very talent poet. But in this area, my homegirl is wrong and this "link" to the brisket history is off. That's ok. She makes up for it by wearing a cowgirl hat. (Hey...this my be a weird request but, uh...do you have a photo of yourself eating some Texas Brisket?)