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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Two Sparrows Making Love

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes. I’m feeling better and even woke with an urge for a Magic Cookie Bar (coconut, graham cracker, chocolate, dairy, & raisins = incredible heaven). Thus, on my way to Oren’s Coffee this morning the below happened.

On 112th & Broadway two sparrows dived into a melting snowpile. The stronger of the two birds, using its beak, pushed the weaker sparrow’s face down and into the snow. The humming of wings. A 3rd sparrow—a voyeur—looked on. For sure the larger bird was trying to take something from the mouth of the other. I even thought: I’ve never seen sparrows fight so damn hard over bread!

Then I realized they were making love. Which didn’t cross my mind, at first, because aren’t birds supposed to mate in spring? Or maybe that’s when their babies hatch.

Either way, this morning I saw two sparrows making love in the snow. It looked like they were fighting. I think they were doing both.


Anonymous said...

Dear Diana, Thank you for noticing me getting down and dirty with my woman. You don't know how cold it's been these past few days, and she has been blaming me for not taking her south this winter. (I love NYC in Feb!) But today was Valentine's Day, and for some reason, we just wanted each other. I was going to ask you tape us, maybe put it on the Internet, but I said, forget it because I was just too busy. Next time.

The Sparrow

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Dear The Sparrow,

I'm actually the kind of woman that roots for filthy things, thus I enjoyed viewing your violent sex act in the snowy NY street. I've taken your naughty feathered scene as a sign from the Gods that cupid will visit soon!

Jim Kober said...

So that was your earliest Valentine's day gift.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Brokeback Sparrows?

Danny said...

Have those birds no sense of propriety? You should have given them a good lecture on morality and public decency laws!

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Ha! it was the highlight of my day. There was no way I was going to ask them to stop!

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Diana, We took our Love Fest to Central Park today because my woman needed a change, so we ended up at the 'Imagine Sign' even though I'm more of a Lenin man than a Lennon fan. But that's what my bird wanted. I think I'm falling in love again. Can't get the smell of her feathers off of me.

The Sparrow

The Brokeback Sparrows hang out at Inwood Park. I know 'cause my brother flies around there and they can be free and no one bothers them.

Pamela said...

Ever read "The Sparrow" by William Carlos Williams? This post reminded me of that poem.

Diana Marie Delgado said...


I haven't read but will now that you've mentioned it. Thanks!