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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tupelo Press Must Be Stopped!

I fear opening my AOL email account. I fear seeing email from Tupelo Press in new mail. I'm tired of their emails that shout ANNOUNCEMENTS! ACCOLADES! Tupelo Press is spamming me. Am I the only one? Every other day, it seems, the press sends out mass emails. And it's not like they're sending new information. The emails keep recycling the same information over and over. I get it, I get it: Ilya Kaminsky is our new god. It's my fault for signing up for Tupelo Press news. But really! Send me an email once a month and I will love you. Send me an email every other day and I will unsubscribe.


cornshake said...

hee hee..I know. Sometimes they are a bit too frequent, event for me. The funny thing is I have tried several times to get them sent to my yahoo account when I switched emails and for the life of me I still can't get the updates, even tho they say my address is correctly listed. ps. i have a friend who goes to Bear Week in Provincetown every year!

Anonymous said...

It annoys me too.


Laurel said...

it's true.

Jeffrey Levine said...

Oh no! Sorry you feel this way, truly. We do try to support our poets -- lord knows, poets deserve the support of their press in a world where almost everyone could care less about poetry. It's hard to carve out a place for poetry in the world.

Anyway, we send out a newsletter once a week -- Mondays -- and only to those who sign up for them. Mostly, those newsletters are about readings, and those listings change constantly. That said, I do apologize if it seems like spam. The last thing we want is to annoy. Maybe you're right, though. Maybe we should cut back to twice a month, or even once a month. We'd miss listing quite a few readings, but perhaps that's better than disaffecting the poetry audience.

Anyway, please don't be shy about unsubscribing if you feel deluged. No hard feelings. But I have to say, reading the header "Tupelo Press Must Be Stopped" cuts to the quick.

All best,
Jeffrey Levine
Tupelo Press

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Mr. Jeffrey Levine,

Don't listen to me! I'm just a blogger! I'm sure your Monday emails are not "disaffecting" the poetry audience. Most of my blog posts are tongue-in-cheek.

Keep promoting your poets!

All the poets I know would kill a puppy to be published by your press. Your books are beautiful. You're publishing my roommate's second book this Fall. I won't name names. But I'm mentioned in the acknowledgments. Fame at last!

Anne said...

I wouldn't kill a puppy to be published by Tupelo, but I might pull the puppy's tail a little bit. And maybe even step on its little puppy toes. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tueplo, have you seen foetry.com--latest news? Not sure I'd submit to them again.

Anonymous said...

here's the foetry.com link: